Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ants in your pants...

I wasn't going to share this with many people because it's just gross but I decided to post it on my blog so now I guess the whole world can hear...

Last week I woke to a screaming baby who had an explosive diaper and didn't want to go back to bed. So I decided to snuggle on the couch with him and watch an episode of Oprah. Side note, I've decided to watch her final episodes even though I haven't watched her regularly before. Anyway, there was a follow up show where she talked to a young man who had grown up in the south. He lived in a very poor community that didn't have running water and they often had rodents and bugs in their house. He said at night they would actually wear earplugs or stuff something in their ears so the roaches couldn't get it. I felt sad for the boy and thought about how much better our conditions were.

Jordan ended up falling asleep in my arms so I laid him back in his crib and headed to my room. I remember laying in bed as I fell asleep, praying and thanking the Lord for not allowing us to have roaches in our home... and especially not in my bed!

The next morning I got the boys off to school and came home to get ready for the day. I got my shower and got dressed. As I was doing my makeup I realized there was something scratching the inside of my leg. I adjusted a little and it went away. Then a few minutes later, I realized there was something moving in my pants near my hip. I tried to remain calm but I was completely freaking out inside. I grabbed my pants and squished them together as hard as I could and heard... or felt, a crunch! Oh my goodness!! So I ripped my pants off as quick as I could and what do you know? There inside my jeans was a roach. I got back in the shower. I left the pants on the floor and made Jeff take care of them when he got home. I think I washed them twice to make sure it was out!

Obviously God has a great sense of humor because I had just prayed about roaches in the wee hours of the morning. I had asked him not to let them be in my bed. Apparently, I need to be more specific next time... I don't want roaches ANYWHERE in my house!!

We still aren't quite sure how that roach got in the house. Our best guess is that the boys had left the garage door open the night before and he found a cozy home to sneak in. I made Jeff thoroughly spray the entire inside and out for bugs!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

She's Baaaaack!

So I realize it's been way to long since I updated this blog. I have the urge to sit down and write something every day. Somehow it passes as I get a whiff of poopy diaper and realize a change is needed or I find the latest spill on the floor that someone forgot to mention or even attempt to clean up. My heart is in it but there are 4 little distractions that always pop up!

Lately we've been busy just doing life. You know how it goes. It may seem like nothing special to you but it's always an adventure for us. Jordan is 10 months old, Jake is learning more each day, Seth was diagnosed with ADHD (more to come on this topic in another post) and Josh is busy in the kitchen and doing school work :o)

The days pass faster than I'm ready for. I can't believe we're halfway through April already!

So for now, at least you know I'm still here... still breathing! I'm hoping to hop on here at least a few times a week and update. We'll see how long it lasts. I do miss the blogging world though!