Friday, July 27, 2007

We have our Winners!!

What a fun contest this has been. I got 140 comments this time! Thank you all for playing along. Unfortunately, we can only have two winners this time. Maybe I'll do another one again soon.

And the winners are...

Paulette for the Avon Body Wash

Kylin's Mom for the Votive Holders

Congratulations!! I'll be emailing both of you in just a few minutes!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Dog Days of Summer Giveaway

DogdaysUpdated - This contest is now over. I will not be accepting any more comments. Please come back later to see who won. I will also be emailing all winners. Thanks for playing along!

Woohoo... it's that time already. Shannon is hosting the Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway. I figured I might as well join in and give away a couple things. They're not big but hopefully two lucky people will enjoy them!

See below for the items I'm giving away and the rules...

Hallmark Expressions Votive Holders (brand new in box)

Avon Naturals Body Wash in Peach and Raspberry


~ You do not have to have a blog to win however you must have an email address where I can contact you.

~ You must be a U.S. resident.

~ The only way to enter is to leave a comment by Thursday night.

~ Please be clear if you would rather win the body wash or the candle holders.

~ Friday morning my boys will each pick a name out of a hat, one for the Avon and one for the candle holders.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Adventures with Boys

On Wednesday night I decided I was sick and tired of not having food in the house and went to Walmart. It was kind of crazy thinking since Jeff was at the hospital with his parents and I had all three boys by myself! Anyway, the whole shopping experience was overall pretty good. We didn't have too many issues in the store. It was outside where somehow it all went downhill...

I opened up the van and put the two older boys in. I left Jacob on the cart and started loading groceries. All of a sudden Josh yells "Seth is peeing!" I ran around the van to see Seth with his pants down to his ankles peeing out the van door. Unfortunately, I had flip flops on and stepped in it... not good! I spanked his bottom, got his pants back on and made it very clear that we never ever pee in the parking lot like that!

Later I'm telling the story and I said "I was just thanking the Lord that it didn't get on the car next to us. I would have stayed around to apologize to the people!" Josh said "Well, Seth isn't big enough to spray his pee that far but I am." I told him he better not even think about it!

Oh, the joys of living with and raising boys!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

A New Generation

About a week ago we had a potluck/preschool meeting at my friend Brooke's house. Several of us brought our families along. It was a great time of fellowship while we ate.

Then it was time to get serious and into our meeting. So the 4 guys took all 13 kids and went to another room. Three of the men are Dads and the other one hasn't had any children of his own yet. I have to tell you that they did such a good job. We only had a couple of interruptions but overall they kept them quiet and entertained. I was so proud of them and the way they handled everything! Great job Jeff, Dustin, Wes and Kenny... you guys are awesome!!

When I was growing up my Dad loved to play with us and help take care of us. Once in a while my Mom would have a girls night and Dad would keep us home. I remember a few summers when Mom went to women's camp and my Dad even did our hair! He was a truly amazing and caring Father to my sister and I. We loved hanging out with him and thought he could do no wrong!

However, some of my friends just didn't have this kind of relationship with their fathers. The Moms did most everything for them and that's just the way it was. Dad's just didn't take the time for their kids.

I've also heard my husband and my Mom talk about their Dads. That generation was completely different. They were seriously in the mind frame of "children are to be seen and not heard!" Dads just didn't spend quality time with their kids.

Now I look around and see Dads (and Grandpas) in the mall, at church, on playgrounds, at school... I could go on and on. It makes my heart so glad when I see these Dads playing with their children, teaching them lessons and tenderly showing direction in these little lives. What a great way to show our children God's love in action!

So Dads, thank you for all your hard work! We couldn't do it without you guys!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cool new giveaway...

Kelley is doing a fun giveaway over at her blog. You only have until tonight at 10:00 to get in on it.

What are you still doing here?? Get over there and get registered already!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Being content

Lately I don't know if I have the baby blues or what. I've decided that I should make a list of things that are getting me down and then try and see the positive in each of them. Maybe it will help me to be a little more content and thankful for my life!

Negative ~ Medical Bills

My prayer ~ Thank you God for providing me with health insurance that at least covers most of the cost. Also, thank you for providing the doctors to care for my family!

Negative ~ Kids driving me nuts

My Prayer ~ Thank you Lord for giving me these wonderful gifts. Some women may never get the chance to experience having their own children. Please give me the strength and wisdom to raise them the way you would want!

Negative ~ Summer Heat

My prayer ~ Thanks God for giving me a home and car with AC so I can keep my family cool!

Negative ~ Rude People

My prayer ~ Lord, please help me to remember that you created each of us and you love us all the same. Help me be patient with those around me and always show your love!

I'm feeling much better already! What's getting you down lately??

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Seth's Birthday Pictures...

Here are the pictures from Seth's Birthday Party that I promised. Let me explain that it was a cowboy party so some of the pics make sense. He had an absolute blast and so did we!

The Birthday Boy with his cake

This is a rocking horse my Uncle made for him

We're talking human hair, a real saddle and fur to make it more real

His cake said "Happy Birthday Cowboy!"

Yummy cake and ice cream!

Hitting the pinata in the backyard

Checking out his new bath toy with Natalie

Our Melting Pot Date

Way back in April Shalee asked us to join her in the Sadie Hawkin's Date Night. I told her I would willing participate since I already had a date planned that same night.

We went to the melting pot with my BIL and SIL. It was a celebration of our 7th Anniversary and their 8th. What a fun and exciting night for us. We also did our personal goodbye gifts that night since we knew they would be leaving soon for South East Asia as missionaries.

Here are a few of the pictures I took that night. I'm so glad we got to spend that time with them before they left. What wonderful memories we made!!

Jeff and I getting cozy in the booth

Jon and Tina getting in some snuggle time, too

Mmmmm, sure looks tasty

Hey... no public displays of affection you two!!

Happy Birthday Seth

Seth turned 3 last Friday and I wanted to write a post about him. Unfortunately I never got around to it with all the party planning and birthday stuff going on. He is an amazing child and I thought it would be fun if I just listed some words that pop in my head when I think of him...

1. Energetic
2. Fun
3. Loving
4. Sweet
5. Mischievous
6. Silly
7. Imaginative
8. Happy
9. Friendly
10. Ornery

Just an example of our life with Seth. The other night we told the boys to get their PJ's on and head to bed. Here's the conversation we then had with Seth...

Seth ~ "I had a dream."
Daddy ~ "Oh yeah, what was your dream?"
Seth ~ "The angel told me to watch a movie before bed."
Me ~ "Wow, he did, huh?"
Seth ~ "He did tell me that!"
Daddy ~ "Did he have a name?"
Seth ~ "The angel's name is George Bush."

It was all I could do from rolling on the floor laughing! He's is so silly and has such an imagination these days!!

I'll post some pics from the party in the next post :-)