Saturday, February 28, 2009

As for Me and My House...

Thursday started out a little rough. Josh woke up and realized he hadn't done his homework the night before so that sent him into a tizzy trying to get it done. Then Seth woke up very cranky and only wanted some "Mama Loving" (as he calls it). Jacob was just an innocent bystander unfortunately and cried because that's how he deals some times! We got the homework finished up, packed a lunch and we were headed for the garage.

By the time we got in the van, everyone was in a bad mood, especially me. Then it was arguing because Seth's seat wasn't in the right spot and it had to have been Josh's fault. Josh then yelled at Seth because he wasn't the one who had moved the seat but thought I had. You get the point!

I had finally had it and said loudly to the children and anyone listening... "That is it! Satan you don't have a place here and I will not let you control our day. You will not come in my house because we serve the Lord and you need to get OUT!" The kids looked shocked because I've only done this a few times in the past and usually I do it quietly. I then prayed and took Josh to school.

The day went on and I thought nothing else about the situation. Until later that day when my three boys and the two I babysit were all in the backyard playing. They were playing just fine until something set one of them off and the arguing began. This is what I hear Seth screaming in the backyard...

"Satan came in! Satan came in! He's needs to get out!!"

I could only imagine what my neighbors were thinking! Josh came running in to make sure I could hear what was happening. I guess it really hit home with Seth and he was not going to let Satan come back to our home and mess with us!

I love that my children take these things so seriously because the evil one is lurking about and wants to control and derail our days. I once heard Beth Moore say that God has a plan for your life but the Satan does, too! It's so scary to think about and so real. We need to guard our hearts, minds and homes from his evil plots and schemes and if that means kicking his butt to the curb once in a while... you better believe I will!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Open up the 6th picture folder on your computer.
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This is a picture I took of my Grandpa with Jacob last summer. My Grandpa has been pretty sick for the last ten years. We have had some close calls and never thought he'd still be here but he still keeps right on kicking. I snapped this picture so Jacob would have some way to look back and remember his Great Grandpa. Makes me feel so blessed that my Grandparents are involved in my kids lives!
Thanks for tagging me Kim!

I'm tagging... Mom, Sherry, Julie, Jen, Jodi and Shawnette

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The sky is falling

My son Josh is a hypochondriac and I feel for him, I really do. Last night I was leaving Starbucks after a night out with some of the High School girls and ended up having to pull over because I got so sick. My mind was racing and felt like it might explode... my mini van is messy enough without brains splattered all over! I honestly don't remember all of it and think I gave my sister a bit of a scare. She kept asking these strange questions and I have a feeling I was talking crazy. Sorry Sherry!

I'm so blessed to have parents that live close by. They met me about half way and my Mom drove me home. Anyway, as soon as my Mom got me in the door Josh heard what was going on and started to panic. I heard him say, "Does she need to go to the ER?" I was out of it after that but Jeff says he immediately started saying he was sick and couldn't make it through school the next day. This happens whenever one of his brothers gets sick. He mysteriously ends up with the same thing!

Jeff and I laugh inside because it really is pretty funny. We are onto him though. Jeff said this morning he was actually crying as he got out of the car and would not look back! I will pick him up in about 10 minutes and we'll see how the day went. I have a feeling he's all better now!

Friday, February 06, 2009


Jen posted something amazing about her girls praying today and I loved it... Go check it out!

We have talked with the boys about prayer so many times. We try to help them understand that it's not all about asking but also about thanking and praising. They've gotten better but once in a while they get in a rut and can't seem to get out.

Thinking about kids praying reminds me that Jacob said his first prayer about a month ago and it was so sweet. We've been trying to read the Bible in the evening with the boys and then we start with the youngest and make our way around to the oldest for prayer time. Jeff was going to start with Seth but since he's not the youngest, he was offended. He wanted Jacob to go first. Jeff told him that Jake was too young to pray. I disagreed and gave it a try, here's how it went...

Me: Dear Jesus
Jacob: Jeeeesus
Me: Thank you for this day
Jacob: Tank ooow da
Me: I love you
Jacob: Yu ooow
Me: Amen
Jacob: Ameeeee

It melted my heart to hear him saying those words to the Lord. I think it's a great start!