Sunday, May 08, 2011

Code Adam

Once in a while you're in a store and you hear "We have a Code Adam..." I've often heard those and thought "How on earth can you lose your child like that?" I mean we've all had our kids wonder down the isle or around the corner but you usually spot them and do the old "1... 2... " and they return to your side.

Well, that all changed the other day when I was at Sam's Club. My sister and I had to grab a few things. We had eaten a piece of pizza, made a trip to the restroom and then were on our way. Jake decided he should walk instead of ride in the cart. We had just made it past the cold cases and were on our way to check out. I stopped to look at something and turned around to find Jacob was no longer next to me. I thought he had just walked around the corner so I stepped over to look. Still no Jacob. Hmmm, maybe he went down the next isle. Negative. This is when I slightly start to feel my heart flutter. I walk three or four isles over and my sister took off the other way. He was LOST! I find an associate and let her know that I need some help locating my son. I'm sure my voice was quivering at this point. On her walkie-talkie she says the dreaded words "We have a code Adam. 4 year old white male, red shirt and denim shorts. Last seen near the freezer cases."

I'm still searching and I see at least 10 employees start out to search for my missing child. I'm in panic mode at this point and tears are welling up in my eyes. Where could he be? A man notices my panic and worry and asks "Are you looking for a boy?" I quickly said "YES!" He said "check the storage sheds, I just saw one through the window." I ran over and threw the door open to find him standing there with a big smile. Apparently we were playing a game of hide and seek and I hadn't been informed. I scooped him up and gave him a big hug. We had a talk about staying with Mommy and asking for permission before walking away. I think he understands now.

I will never judge those parents again... I am one of those parents!