Friday, March 31, 2006

Recovering Nicely

Well, surgery went great. Gallbladder is gone and they're checking it at the lab for stones and stuff. It pretty much feels like someone kicked me in my stomach : ) For now I'm just taking is easy and resting. I know I'll be back up and moving again in no time though!!

Thanks to everyone for their prayers... you guys are the best!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Going under the knife

Well, tomorrow morning I head to the hospital for gallbladder surgery. It should only take about 30-45 minutes and I'll be home later in the day. I'm not scared, just a little nervous. My kids will be at a friends house so I don't have to worry about them. My parents, my sister and my husband will be at the hospital with me. Julie's setting up meals with people from church. So really, I'll be well taken care of. I just need all of you blogging buddies to pray for me in the morning!! Hopefully it won't keep me down too long and I'll be back here blogging before you know it : )

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Missionary Mama

This title is kind of a joke. Meet Tina, my sister-n-law. She is 27 years old. She has been married for almost 7 years to my husband's brother. They have four wonderful kids, 3 boys and 1 girl. I've known Tina since I was about 5 or 6. We grew up as friends at the same summer camp where I fell in love with Jeff. It's awesome that we all knew each other back then and can now share those stories with our kids. Now her and I are such close friends and talk about everything!! It's wonderful to have a sister-n-law that is also one of your best friends!!

Anyway, Tina and her husband Jon are leaving as missionaries in January. They have been away on training for a few weeks now and I already miss them so much. I'm so proud of them and the work they are doing for the Lord! I can't imagine going to another country with four small children. What a gift God has given them!! It takes a lot of courage and faith to do what they are about to do and I'm so proud to have a small part in it.

I love you guys!! I'm so thankful God has given us such a wonderful family!!

Note: I planned on adding a pciture but didn't think Tina would appreciate that : )

Monday, March 27, 2006

Jeff took me to the melting pot for our anniverasy. When we sat down there was a vase with two red roses and a box of chocolates. I guess he planned it with them before we got there. It was a wonderful dinner and we had a great time. I love you Jeff!!

Afterwards we went to the movies and saw Inside Man. It was a pretty good movie but lots of language. I thought I had it figured out at one point but then it had a twist.

Thanks go out to Mom, Dad and Sherry for watching the boys!! Oh, and thanks for the nice cards and gifts, too!! We love you!!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 6th anniversary!! Here is the history of our relationship...

We first met at church when I was 5 and he was 11. My parents were his Jr. high leaders. Later, our parents started working at the same summer camp. I remember following him around thinking he was so great but he had nothing to do with me. At one point my Mom even said to his Mom, "Can't you just save that boy for my daughter?"

When camp days were over and his family moved to another church we lost touch for several years. He moved to Chicago for college.

When I was about 15, he came back to our church to see his cousin get baptized. I remember running over to my Mom and saying "Mom, did you see Jeff Thomas?" A few weeks later I called his house and asked his Dad for his address in Chicago so I could write to him. Turns out he was back in town and living with his parents. I was too scared to talk to him on the phone at that point so I decided to write him a letter. I got a letter back the next week. We continued to write for the next few weeks. I finally got up enough courage to invite him to a church softball game. He came and I just knew he was the one for me!

We started dating when I was 16 and he was 23. People were shocked but it didn't seem to bother my parents, they totally trusted us. Around 17 he gave me a promise ring and said someday we would be married. We got engaged the day before I graduated highschool. Then married right after I turned 19. We have had two wonderful little boys together. It's so hard to believe it's been six years already. God has truly blessed our lives!!

I love you Jeff!!

Happy Birthday Kolby!!

Thursday was my nephew Kolby's 3rd birthday. Both of his other Aunts wrote about him in their blogs so I thought I would, too. Kolby is such a great kid!
If you know him, you'll understand why I added this picture.

We love you Kolby!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

My Winning Streak Is Back!!

I don't believe in luck but I've been winning stuff since I can remember. Here are some of the things I've won over the years...
~ Ballet Tickets
~ CD's
~ T-shirts
~ Books
~ Back stage passes to meet Brooks and Dunn
~ $2000 worth of jewelry for a business I was running

So anyway, many of you won't be surprised to hear about my latest winnings... tickets to the new show Blast!

I'll have to come back and let you know how it goes tonight!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thirteen Things about Stacey

This week I want to talk about thirteen things I'd like to see happen for other people in my life...

1. I'd like to send my Mom and Dad to Hawaii someday. My Mom was born there & has always dreamed about taking my Dad.

2. I'd like to take my husband to Chicago. He lived there for 3 years and would love to go and show me around.

3. I'd like to pay for my sister~n~law to get braces. I think it would really boost her self confidence.

4. I wish there was a way to make my sister better. I'd love to see her walk again soon.

5. I'd love to take my Grandma to Italy. She's always wanted to go.

6. I'd love to get my friend Julie on the Today Show for just one interview.

7. I'd like to take my family on a wonderful vacation every year.

8. I'd love to help my Dad start his own business where he can build things. He's made, benches, swings, chairs and more. It would be great to see others enjoy his work.

9. I'd like to see my mother~n~law be free from cancer.

10. I'd like to see my Grandpa get well.

11. I'd like to see my friend Tracy get pregnant with her second child and not be so worried anymore.

12. I'd love to see my husband in a job he really loves.

13. I'd like to know that my cousin, Danah, never has to go back to fight in the war.

I know this isn't the typical Thursday Thirteen but I didn't want to talk about me today : )

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Son, The Smooth Talker

Okay this story took place a couple months ago but I just got to thinking about it and thought I would share. Now I know some of you have already heard it but for those of you who haven't, here ya go...

We sitting at a resaraunt eating dinner with my parents. Josh (4 yrs) aks if he can go play the claw machine. You know the one, they put them in every store and eating establishment to suck the money right out of you. Every child thinks he or she will be the big winner of a stuffed animal. Like we don't have enough stuffed animals around the house already??

Anyway,back to the story...
Josh : "Can I go play the claw machine, Mom?"
Me : "No honey, our dinner will be out soon."
Josh : "God!"
(This word has never been used by any of us in this way ever in our house!!)
Me: "What did you just say?"
Josh : "God... I was praying... to God... uumm... a prayer."
Me : "Well then, let's hear this prayer."
Josh : "Dear God, thank you for giving me great parents. Thanks that we could come here and eat dinner. Lord can you please make my Mom let me play the claw machine?"

Wow, how did he pull that out of his hat?? We had a nice long talk about that word and the only way it should ever be used. I think he got the point but I knew right then and there that I'm in big trouble when he's a teenager!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Let's talk laundry

Okay, I know every mom and wife out there has laundry stories to tell. In fact, people are talking about it on blogs like here, here and here. Some blogs are even having contests in laundry rooms like here. So I've come up with some fun questions that will tell me a little about you. Please answer in the comments section...

1. How often do you do laundry?

2. Do you use liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets?

3. Do you seperate whites, darks, towels and jeans?

4. Do your kids help with the laundry?

5. Do you fold or hang most of your clothes?

6. Do you have a great laundry story you can share??

Here are my answers...
1. 1 or 2 loads a day

2. Both

3. Seperate them all. My Mom taught me never to mix them up

4. Once in a while but they're still a little young

5. Hang most everything

6. I once washed my paycheck and had to have it sent to me again. The worst is when hubby leaves chapstick or gum in his pockets... yuck!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006


First off I have to say, I love my family!! We are all so close and can't get enough of each other!!

My Mom is a wonderful woman. I couldn't have asked for a better childhood. She was always singing and laughing. Sometime my sister and I would record her singing while she didn't know. We still have the tapes to this day! Once in a while she would come home with a small gift and make something up like, "Happy Monday." She was always putting us in front of her needs. I never realized just how much until I became a mother myself. The sacrifices she made were incredible! For several summers I remeber living at a christian camp. It was a place where we made so many friends and great memories. In fact, it's the place I fell in love with my husband! Later in my teen years she was the youth pastor's wife. It was sometimes difficult being under the microscope but I was so proud of my parents and their work for the Lord. When getting ready for my wedding, my Mom was the wedding planner and so much more. It was such a blessing to have her by my side. I can't imagine that I would have ever taken care of everything on my own. When my first child was born she stayed home to watch and care for him while I worked. I couldn't have asked for a better babysitter. She has been in the delivery room both times I've had a baby and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Now we talk on the phone almost every morning even though she lives about a block away. It's so fun to see her pouring into the lives of my children. My oldest son, Josh, stays the night at Grandma's alomst every Saturday night. What a blessing it is to have such a wonderful mother. Thank you for all your sacrifices... I love you Mom!!

My Dad is a very special man and a hard worker!! I never really remember my Dad being lazy. He's always working on some kind of a project. In fact, I remember coming home from church one Sunday night and my Mom said, "Wouldn't it be nice to have the laundry room closed off with a sliding door?" The next thing we know my Dad is bringing in his tools and is making it happen. I don't know if I remember correctly but I think it was done the next day. There were several times I remember not seeing my Dad for up to four days at a time. He was always doing side jobs just to pay the bills and keep us fed. I know those years were tiring for both of my parents but they did what was best for their family. Now my Dad is working for our church as the Pastor of production. Basically he will be overseeing all of the new building projects. He is so excited and really enjoys his job. He also is having fun being a Grandpa, especially to two little boys since he never had a son. Thank you Dad for all you've done and still do for me... I love you!!

My sister, Sherry, is a very funny girl. She and I are 21 months apart. When we were young we couldn't go anywhere without someone asking if we were twins. We finally got so sick of it we would say yes. I remember our Mom would put us in matching clothes which just added to the confusion. It was fun though. We are very different in many ways. She loved to be outside and I liked being inside. She loved to play sports and I didn't. She could make a joke anywhere, anytime. I was great in school and she hated it. We always found things to do together though. About a year ago she gave us all a scare and we didn't see her for about 5 months but she's back now and everything seems to be better. She is in a wheelchair though. We're not sure what exactly is going on with her body but she can't use her feet. We pray that she will be back to her old self soon and trust God to do miracles in her life. Thanks for all the great memories and I can't wait to make more... I love you!

I love all of you and thank God everyday for such a wonderful family!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Pee Pee on the Potty!!

Well, we did it... I guess he did it. Seth went pee pee on the potty for the first time yesterday!! We were so excited and can't wait to see what happens next. He's only 21 months old and I know that's a little early for little boys but I think it helps that he's watching big brother!!

If anyone has any potty training ideas or any funny stories to share, I would love to hear them!!

My forever friend...

God has blessed me with a friend who I will keep forever. Her name is Julie. She is one of the funniest, most creative, smartest, original, stands-up-for-herself, caring, loving, trustworthy people you will ever meet. I love the way she puts others before herself. It's been such a joy to have her in my life and I can't imagine what I'd do without her. She is always so fashionable whether she's wearing sweat pants or dress pants. She has shoes and a purse for every occasion!

Tonight she took me to the melting pot for my birthday. We ate, laughed and just had a fun time!!

Julie, I really appreciate you and your friendship. Thanks from the bottom of my heart... Love ya!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Zoo-pendous fun

Took the kids to the zoo today with my friend Julie and her kids. We had a great time. The kids all got along really well. The weather was wonderful today, mid 70's I think. It's been so nice to get out of the house and be active this week. I'm really enjoying it while I can because soon we'll be up in the 100's!!

Tonight Julie's taking me to the melting pot for my birthday. She says it's going to be great. I'll have to post more when I get home : )

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

1. I don't know how to do a fancy thursday thirteen like all my friends.

2. When my sister and I were young everyone thought we were twins.

3. I once had a broken foot and walked around on it for three days because me Dad said it was okay. He felt really bad when we found out it was broken and made it up to me though : )

4. I hate amlost all veggies.

5. I love to cook and try new recipes but I'm a very picky eater.

6. I'm addicted to a game called diamond drop that my sons got me for Christmas.

7. I once boycotted Taco Bell for over a year because they served me nachos with a bird feather in them. I have gone back to eating there now. It's so nice and cheap when you're on a budget.

8. I won't eat anything that swims or lives in water.

9. I wish more places served Diet Dr. Pepper.

10. My kids birthdays are on June 29th and July 29th. I think God was just trying to make it easy for me.

11. I asked the Lord to live in my heart at Awana when I was five.

12. I love to paint but hate to clean it up.

13. I love to eat pickles and yes Julie, I sometimes drink the pickle juice : )

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

See how well you know me

I made a quiz about myself and I'm wondering how well all of you know me. Please take the quiz and then post you score on the comments. It will be lots of fun to see who does the best.

Make a quiz about yourself and post it on your blog. It's fun to see how much people really know about you!!

Miracle workers

On Monday night I watched a new show called Miracle Workers. I was in tears within minutes. The one little boy had several ribs on his left side that had fused together. He had such a hard time doing everyday things but had such a sweet attitude about life.

The other young girl had tourette syndrome. She struggled just to speak. It was so hard to watch as her and her family sat in a restaurant just trying to enjoy a meal together. People were staring, laughing and making comments.

In the end the doctors were able to help both of them. It was so touching to see the little boy running and playing. He stood so tall and staight after his procedure. Then watching as the young girl was able to talk without once jerking or hitting herself made me burst into tears. It was amazing!!

It made me stop and think about what was really important in my own life. I'm so thankful that God has given me two wonderful healthy kids!! I want to be more content and really enjoy the things God has blessed me with.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Loosing my mind and everything else!!

I've had this problem since I was a young girl... Yes, I loose things!! It's so frustrating and embarrassing. I most often loose my cell phone, keys, shoes, socks and purse. Luckily I've never lost my husband or kids. That would be really bad!!

So if anyone has any ideas of how I can keep from loosing everything I would really appreciate it!!

Oh yeah, has anyone seen my wallet?? Just kidding : )

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The guys in my life

This is Seth. We find him this way quite often. He is usually so tired by lunch time that he falls asleep while eating. He sure keeps us laughing!!

This is Josh. He can be funny but often sees the more serious side of things. He will someday be a good lawyer or politician according to his dad and sunday school teachers. He will argue his point until the very end.

It's Raining, It's Pouring, The Old Man is Snoring

Its raining in Phoenix/Goodyear today!! This might not seem like such a big deal to some of you but we haven't had rain in about 4 months here. My son has been praying for rain at bedtime for the last three weeks. This morning when he woke up he said God heard his prayers. It was so neat to see him understanding that God really does listen!!

Now he and his brother are going to splash in a couple puddles before bathtime : )

Friday, March 10, 2006

Curious George

We saw Curious George today. It was awesome! I thought it was great that there wasn't lots of adult humor. Kids just don't need that in my opinion. Let's let them be kids. It was also good enough to keep my almost 2 yr old's attention.

Maybe I just liked it because he was one of my favorite characters growing up. In Fact, for several years my nickname was Curious George.

Anyway, go see the movie, I think your kids will love it!

Memory verses

Some of you have already heard this but for those of you who haven't...

I recently heard my son and his friend practicing their Bible verse for our Wednesday night program. This is how the verse was supposed to go...
"The Lord gives strength to those who are tired."

This is how I heard them saying it... "The Lord gives strength to those
who retire."

I guess he does that, too : )

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

1. I once bounced my friend off a teeter-totter so hard she broker her collar bone. Yes, she still talks to me : )

2. This is going to sound so blonde but I just realized three months ago that olive oil comes from olives... I know you're laughing!!

3. I hate hot dogs and probably haven't had one since I was 4.

4. I love to be in skits and perform on stage but don't like to be in a crowd or with lots of people.

5. My Mom thinks she is a full-blooded Hawaiian because she was born there. (She knows she's not but has a good laugh when telling people)

6. My Dad named me when I was born. Good job Dad, I like Stacey.

7. I home-schooled for all four years of highschool and loved it.

8. I sing really loud when I'm alone in my van.

9. I hate tomatoes but love salsa, ketchup and spaghetti sauce.

10. I'm not good at lying... that's probably a good thing.

11. I'm very stubborn and love to get my way!!

12. I hate to admit when I'm wrong but I'm trying harder.

13. I long to have a little girl of my own someday and often find myself daydreaming of what it would be like.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Getting to the 'Bottom' of Things

Here's a look into my life. This is my youngest, Seth, who loves to be naked!

Doesn't this 'crack' you up??

God, Is That You??

Lately I've been feeling like God is saying it's time for a change in my life. I've been running our church nursery for about the last five years. It's a job I love but I think it's time to move on. So I talked with some of the leaders in my church and decided it was time. My last week will be the 24th and 25th of this month. It's sad to see it go but I'm so excited about where God will be using me next.

I worked with the Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders this last weekend and really enjoyed it. I have a feeling this is where God's leading me but I'm keeping my ears and eyes open for what He wants.

It is going to be a big step since right now I'm getting paid for what I do and soon that will be gone. I just keep reminding myself... If our family will continue being faithful to God, He will be faithful to us!!

1 Doctor Visit, 4 Kids & $60 For Nothing!!

Yesterday Seth came in the office with blood and stuff all around his ear and on his finger. I thought his ear drum must have ruptured or something. I called the doctor and they said I should bring him in just in case but I had to be there in 30 minutes. So I get all the shoes on, hair done and kids in the car. We get there 5 minutes late but they're willing to still see us. The doc checks the ears and says yes there is blood down in his ear but but it's not anything to worry about. While I was glad he didn't have anything serious I was upset that we did all of that for nothing!

Plus, we had to pay $60 out of pocket because our doc no longer takes our insurance. It's time to find a new doctor!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Running in church

I guess my son, Josh 4yrs old, made a guest appearance in the church service on Saturday night. He went to get a pen to take some notes and on the way back stomped through the back of the church. I guess he was making such a scene that Pastor Greg stopped preaching and asked "You okay now Josh?" Then went back into the message. I'm so glad it was my husband in there with him instead of me.

We did make him appologize after the service. Our Pastor then told him that it was fine becuase our church is a place where kids can run and have fun.

I'm sure this is not going to be the last time I'm embarrassed by something my kids do but for now it's enough!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Aren't kids wonderful? I love the simple way they think about life. The other day we were driving along when my son annouces that he asked Jesus to take the sin from his hands. He then told us that the more sin he had in his hand the further away from God he was. It was so simple and so true. I'm so proud that my kids are willing to be open and honest about their relationship with God and others. I hope this childlike faith will continue and maybe I can acutally learn from it.
A quarter of a Century...

So I turned 25 yesterday. I had a great day. I got some flowers, a candle, money, gift cards, cake, ice cream and a yummy dinner. My son kept telling me that the mall was my present. I'm not sure what that meant but he understood it. Altogether, it was a wonderful birthday!
I've never done this before but I'm willing to try. My friend Julie and my Mom encouraged me to get started. They say I've got great things to talk about. I'm sure I'll have lots of funny stories about my kids and life in general. If anyone has any advise or ideas about what I should do please let me know.