Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things about having a child in Kindergarten...

1. I never realized Moms have so much homework

2. They do science in Kindergarten?

3. When did they start doing math?

4. Reading and writing... what happened to cookies and milk?

5. 6 1/2 hours seems like forever to a child

6. Taking your lunch or buying is a BIG decision

7. Wearing uniforms is a good thing!

8. The classroom wish list comes before my home wish list

9. Making new friends is okay

10. How hungry can he really be after being at school for 6 1/2 hours?

11. School projects are for the whole family

12. He can do almost anything because he goes to school now

13. Kissing Mom in the back of the classroom is still okay... this week : )


Lauren said...

No kidding? They actually make them work in kindergarten now?

Man, what's this world coming to?

Kelley said...

I feel like I'm going through school all over again myself too! This year, I'm in 6th grade, 1st grade AND Kindergarten!!

Shalee said...

Stacey, I hate to say this, but it doesn't get any easier in first. And so far, the kissing thing is still a go. I fear for later this year though...

PS If you really want to make his day, take him some McD's for lunch and eat with him. My kids always feel so cool knowing that their MOM came to school to eat with them!

theresa said...

I bet I well have the same questions/concerns when Victoria starts!