Thursday, August 09, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. How does a family of 5 have so much laundry?

2. Why do I feel like my clothes don't fit even though I've lost weight?

3. How come we have so many spiders when the bug guy was here about 2 weeks ago?

4. Is Jacob going to be one tough kid or what? Living with two big brothers gives him lots of bumps and bruises!

5. Why do people get cancer?

6. Why does God ask people you love to move half way around the world?

7. Why do Jr. High and High school boys feel like they can fart anywhere, anytime in front of anyone?

8. Where do my kids put all that food they eat?

9. How was I blessed with such wonderful friends and family??


Kelley said...

Good questions, all. Sorry I don't have answers for you, though. Except #9 - it takes one to know one.

Love the new look, by the way! So nice to see picures of your boys.

I was doing laundry today, and I told my son that I now know why people in the pioneer days only had two outfits each!

Brooke said...

Girl, some of those are deep, after reading Jen's, I can't go deep again. #7 made me laugh, #6 and #5 made me cry, I agree with #9. God blesses us with so much!

Jen said...

I agree with number 7. It's a weird phenomenon. Do they ever really grow out of it? Having a home full of girls I can relate to the laundry thing!!!

I like you new look too. I guess we all got a bug in us to do some fall sprucing up of our blogs!hahaha

love ya!! Praying for you!!

Connie said...

Nice look on the the lovely green background and the pics of your boys. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Molly Coddled said...

Yes, love the new look! Very clean, I'm not used to seeing around my house so this is a great departure from the norm.

The questions? Let me know if you stumble across the answers to those. I know I don't have 'um.