Saturday, December 01, 2007

Really, how do they know?

I've noticed some funny things on food packages lately...

Cake from Safeway ~ "The moistest cake you've ever tasted!"

Wow, how did they know??

Grandma's cookies ~ "Now softer than ever"

Because before they were so hard??

Land O'Frost Brown Sugar Ham ~ " America's Favorite 1 lb. Lunch Meat"

But they couldn't compete in the 1/2 lb. contest??

Philadelphia Cream Cheese ~ "Consumers Prefer the taste of Philadelphia"

Over what??

Sarah Lee Pie ~ "America's Favorite Pie"

Really, all Americans??


Susie said...

You're too funny! With three little boys, I'm amazed that you pay attention to such facts! You've always been the observant one...just like your dad!
Love ya!

Tim and Shawnie said...

Too funny. About 15 years ago, Tim made a 15 minute informercial on the very subject. Sat down in front of the camera with all the products and read the ridiculous things put on each one for marketing purposes. You two must think alike.

GiBee said...

Hey, Stacey ... I didn't have an email address for you, so I addressed your question about Caesar Dressing and anchovies on my post today... Have a great day!

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Hee Hee:) My husband always notices that "everything" is New and Improved too:)

Jen said...

Funny girl! I can't beleive you can remeber all those tag lines.

confession time: I used to think SaraLee's tag line was "no body does it like SaraLee" and I recently found out it is "nobody doesn't like SaraLee"....SHOCKING! I had it wrong all these years! I am ashamed!

Sherry said...

That is a good point! Too funny what they use to get you to buy something!