Friday, March 07, 2008

27th Birthday

Wednesday was my 27th birthday and I wanted to post something but I ran out of time. Oh well, I'll post something now. How about 27 things about me that you might not know...

1. As a little girl I took baton classes and was in a couple of little shows

2. I met my husband 22 years ago

3. I sell Avon

4. I used to sell Premier Designs Jewelry

5. I can touch my tongue to my nose

6. I once bounced a friend off a teeter totter at summer camp... she broke her collarbone!

7. I can say the Pledge Of Allegiance in Spanish

8. In 3rd and 6th grade I got straight A's

9. I love shopping

10. I cried on my Honeymoom because I missed my family

11. I fell in love with and actually wore the very first wedding dress I tried on

12. I love Mexican food and could eat it every day

13. I love scrapbooking but don't leave much time for it

14. I love to read

15. I always wanted to have two daughters

16. I grew up knowing all of my grandparents and they are actually all still alive

17. I prefer iced tea over hot tea

18. I've had five surgeries where I was put under... that's a strange feeling!

19. I can remember things (in detail) starting from about age 4

20. I would love to write a children's book someday

21. Tulips are my favorite flower

22. I drive a red mini van

23. Red and purple are my favorite colors

24. I collect Willow Tree figurines... thanks to Julie for getting me started

25. I someday hope to visit my Sister in Law in South East Asia

26. Our family moved for the first time when I was 16 years old

27. Since I've been married I've moved 4 times

Did you learn anything you didn't already know??


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Kelley said...

Happy Birthday, Stacey! I just saw the birthday announcement on Julie's blog, and came over to wish you (belated) birthday blessings!

How cool to learn some new stuff about you today. And thanks for sharing all the fun birthday deals too!

Sherry said...

Stacey happy b-day! I am so glad that you clip coupons and got me started. I love saving money! Your a great big sister! I love ya!

Susie said...

None of these things were news to me but some of them sure brought back memories! I'm still amazed that YOU chose the first wedding gown you tried on!! I was prepared for lots of shopping with you. I'll never forget as you spun around looking at yourself in the looked like a princess!

BTW, in response to number 5, I think you should post a picture so everyone can see!!

Julie said...

I so did not know #1.

We have #11 in common...and 13, 14, 17, and 20.

Theresa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACEY! Your so fun...I love keeping up with you even though I don't comment every time. Miss ya, T-Lo

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Happy Happy Birthday you youngster:)

I like purple too:) and I learned 27 new things about you:)

Kate said...

What a precious list! HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY!! I could eat mexican food everday too! :)