Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Christmas in July

I just had to share with all of you the wonderful deals I scored yesterday at Toys R Us. They were amazing. Right now the store near us is taking an additional 20% off all clearance items. So here are some of the deals I got...

T.J. Beary Tales for $15 (originally $50)

Magnetics Cars $1.98 (originally $14.98)

Dora Leapster Game $3.98 (originally $29)

Another magnetics set $3.98 (originally $30)

Stocking stuffers from .40 - $1.98

It was incredible and I'm already getting ready for Christmas! If you live nearby you should go check it out and see what they have!!


Shalee said...

Doh! I shall hie me hither!

Sassy Granny said...

Great tip! But whatever you do, do not tell your Dad. He's already got some sort of meter to help him remind us here at PVC how many days left until Christmas. Yikes! Talk about anxiety!! I just put away the decorations from last year.


Susie said...

Score! That's awesome but if you're like me, I buy them early but can't wait to give them away! I know you, though, you'll hang on to them and keep the secret!

Laughing at Kathleen...I'm glad dad is sharing the love and keeping them updated, too! He's so funny! Gotta love the big guy!

Beth said...

I get so excited about the gift, I want to give it to them. I just can't wait. That is so cool that you were able to get those awesome deals. Olivia's Birthday is July 27th so we are concentrating on that right now.

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Smart thinkin:). I need to visit a Toys r us soon.

Sherry said...

Yes it was awesome! I can't believe that I got a gift for christmas too. But you can't give it early cause then I would have to give mine early since it goes together.

I got some great deals too. My Gamecube memory cards allready have bids on them!

I was laugh at Dad too. He keeps telling me how many days and that we need to get cracking! LOL!

Kate said...

NICE! gotta love a sweet deal! :)
Now just think, you will be able to enjoy CHRISTmas even more! :)