Friday, August 22, 2008

Where does the time go?

On July 29th, 2001 he came into our world.
He was a peanut weighing in at 5 lbs 13 oz & less that 19 inches long.
We were so proud of him from the start!
It's so crazy how time flies by and kids grow and change.
Now he's about 70 lbs, 4' 3" tall and wears a size 4 1/2 shoe!
It was like we blinked and now he's in the 2nd grade...

His cool new backpack

Seth never wants to let him go on the first day

My three boys... what an adventure!


Beth said...

It's hard to believe that Josh and Olivia are only 2 days apart. Olivia weighed 5lbs 11oz and was 18 inches long. She only weighs 46 lbs now, and
is tall enough to go on most rides at Disneyland. That's funny, we called her our peanut too. He is such a handsome young man.

Sherry said...

I can't believe that he is so big now! I am glad that he has a christian teacher again this year that goes to our church too! I am so very proud of what a great young man he is! I know he will do great in 2nd grade. Even if he thinks it's boring! LOL!

Susie said...

He's such a special boy! Yes, it's hard to believe he's 7 and SO tall! I know he'll do great in the 2nd grade and I'm so thankful we get to share in so much of their everyday lives! We're spoiled grandparents!

OneHappyfamily said...

What a handsome Big guy you have there. Hope 2nd grade is your best yet!

Penny said...

Just wait until your oldest goes into high school! Keep enjoying every moment!

Shalee said...

Your oldest's bday is a day after my oldest's. How did I miss that?

I still can't believe that I have a kid in middle school. This time thing... I'd like to have a time out so that I can remember it all!