Sunday, September 20, 2009

I loved my Grandpa

I don't want to try and write something about my Grandpa all over again because it's still a bit emotional for me. So here is what I wrote in the memory book online...

As a girl I remember thinking my Grandpa was a very important man because he was the Pastor of our church. When he spoke, people listened. I also thought he knew everything about God and the Bible. He studied more than anyone I knew!

There are also the memories from the good times we spent with my Grandma and Grandpa. I will never forget spending the night and having yummy snacks like popcorn or bread and milk in a cup. There were the times laying on his bed playing with Andre the dog. The times out in their pool. Every couple weeks he would stop by our house to visit and we knew there would be a treat involved... most likely a Kit Kat Bar! We also enjoyed going to Burger King to get a whopper because Grandpa loved a good hamburger.

As I've gotten older I've come to realize just what an important and special man he truly was. It was so amazing to watch the relationship between him and my kids. My boys loved Great Grandpa and the times spent with him. It was always cute when Great Grandpa reached for his wallet because my boys knew he was about to give them a dollar! He would roll the ball with them or take them for rides in his chair.

Grandpa, we will never forget the good times we had with you. Thank you for loving us, believing in us and encouraging us no matter what life brought our way!

Here are some pictures from the graveside service. It was so emotional but I felt such honor for him and his service to our country!

I loved seeing the flag...

Such a cool thing to hear and see

She played so beautifully

Folding the flag

Presenting it to my Grandma

Probably the strongest woman I know

Grandma, Mom, Uncle Steve, Aunt Karen and Uncle Matt

The kids were trying to process the whole thing


OneHappyfamily said...

I Love this. He would be so happy to hear how you feel.

Russell Fam. said...

I too can remember going over to your grandparents house to swim with Jennifer. To this day, it's a very fond memory of being in the pool all day long.Fun times.
(In fact, I remember it was after going to Bible school that day):)