Monday, December 11, 2006

So much has happened...

Well, it's been a long while since I've been on here. We have had so many things going on in our family over the last few weeks. Here's a look into our lives...

Jeff's Mom ~ On Sunday the 26th my Mother-n-law fell and broke her hip. She was taken to the ER by ambulance and admitted. They did the hip repair on Tuesday the 28th. Later that week we found out that her cancer had spread and was basically throughout her body. It's been so hard on all of us, especially my husband! Last week they placed her in hospice care. I think this week they are talking about letting her go home and having a hospice nurse come each day to help take care of her. We don't really know what the future holds as far as her prognosis but we know God has a plan in this whole situation! We are spending as much time as possible to make the most of what we do have. Her birthday is tomorrow and she will be 65 years old. We plan on having a celebration at the hospice facility for her. Please be in prayer for the whole family!!

My Pastor ~ I found out on Saturday night that my Pastor and his wife have been reading my blog and keeping tabs on me! This kind of freaked my out at first because I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Then I got to thinking about it and realized that I don't have anything to hide or be ashamed of on here or anywhere in my life. He really put it all out there this weekend while talking about guilt. I was really touched by it and enjoyed the service! I want to live for God and the convictions he places in my life not for people and the guilt they place on my life! We should be more focused on an audience of One!! Thanks Pastor Greg : )

My Son, Seth ~ Fell at church yesterday and smacked his head on a rock. I wasn't sure what to think at first... there was quite a bit of blood but he's okay. It seems to be healing up on it's own just fine. Thank goodness we didn't have to make another ER trip! We should get some kind of card that you get the 10th visit free!!

My Grandpa ~ Is having surgery today to have a mass removed from his breast. Please be in prayer for him today around 1:30. Thanks to my friend Patti picking up Josh from school I get to go down to the hospital and be with my family while the surgery is taking place.

My Crazy Neighbor ~ Yelled at me and my children for breaking a light that was in his yard. He said "How dare you let your children play in my yard!" They were playing with his daughter who was the one that actually did break the light. We tried to show God's love and offered to give him some cash to fix it. Just recently I took his family a plate of cookies and a Christmas card to let them know I was thankful to have them as neighbors. It really is true because I know God is teaching me something in all of this!! We'll see what happens next.

My Sister ~ I talked long ago about my sister who was in a wheelchair and we didn't really expect her to walk again. She is Walking!! It's so amazing to see her up and going. The doctors have taken her off of several meds and she is out of the wheelchair! What a blessing!!

My Son, Josh ~ Has been doing so well in school that the teacher is now sending home extra homework for him to complete. She says he needs a challenge. He's done 53 book reports since the beginning of school. It's so amazing to see him writing now. When school started he had no interest in writing and it was very sloppy. He knew all the letters and the sounds they made but just didn't want to write them down. Now he's writing all the time. He leaves special notes for Daddy and I. We're so proud of him and the accomplishments he's making!!

My Grandma ~ Celebrated her 76 birthday yesterday. She looks wonderful... I hope someday when I'm 76, I'll look just as good as she does. I've always looked up to her and will always cherish the times we've had together! I love you Grandma!!

Church ~ I've switched positions at church. I'm not the 2nd and 3rd grade teacher any more. Now I'm the Saturday night preschool manager. I pretty much walk around the classrooms and make sure everyone and everything is running like it should. Fill in when a coordinator can't make it. It's been such a blessing in my life. I'm so glad the director came and asked me to switch. I feel so much less stressed out now!

Pregnancy ~ I got to see the baby for the first time! It was so neat to see the little heart beating and watch it move around. I talked with my doctor about my MIL's condition and she is going to have me go in around 16 weeks to have the fun ultrasound done. We'll know if God has blessed us with a little boy or girl. I'm very excited and will let you all know as soon as we find out. It should be in just about 4 weeks!!

Okay, I know this post has been super long and if anyone is still reading they are probably way too tired to actually comment but just be in prayer for our family!! Thanks for sticking with me!


Jodi said...

Whew! you have been busy. Praying for you and the Thomas family. Hope the birthday party goes well. I am sure she will enjoy it! Praying for you and your pregnancy!! God has blessd you with some fun boys!! Keeps you on your toes.

Julie said...

Thanks for all the updates. Anytime you need me to watch the boys or anything you let me know. I can't believe the ultrasound is only 4 weeks away. Think pink! Think pink! Of course if it's a girl I could go bankrupt buying her all the cute pink baby stuff I keep seeing :-)

Tina said...

I would say you have been staying very busy! There are tough things going on but exciting things too!

I was thinking how neat it is that even in the middle of tough times the Lord gives us things to make us smile and even to laugh. I mean, you are having a baby...exciting! Kids...they always keep up laughing or at least on your toes! :) How AWESOME to know God won't give us more than we can handle.

Kelley said...

Wow...that's a lot to digest. I may have to come back and read it again tomorrow!

Greg said...

not keeping tabs on you; just enjoy hearing what's going on in people's lives. It helps me know how to pray for our body.'re welcome :)