Thursday, March 22, 2007

Did you see that?

Did you see I only have 98 days left of this pregnancy?? Since it's getting closer we did the family tradition where we each take guesses on date, height, weight and time of day. We did it with both of the other boys so we had to keep it going.

With Josh my husband guessed 4 weeks early and we all laughed. He won!

With Seth I guessed 3 1/2 weeks early and we all laughed. I won!

So this time we'll see who comes in closest. It was fun to have the boys take guesses though...

Seth's favorite # right now is 2, it must be because he's 2 1/2. So when we asked him the date he said "June 2." Height "2 inch." Weight "2 pound." Time "2 o'cwock." (His words, not mine)

Then Josh took his guesses and at the end said "Oh, oh let's guess what his name will be!"

I had to explain that they don't come out with their name stamped on their bottom or with a tag around their neck. We have to give him his name. Although at this point it might just be easier if God could work that out for me!!


Shalee said...

"Oh, oh let's guess what his name will be!"

*snort* Too cute!

(BTW, I guess 2 weeks early. Early is better than late!)

Tina said...

June 2nd sounds good to me and 2 o'cwock is good too...but let's skip the 2 pounds and inches! :)

Oh...I agree, maybe you should take guesses on the names... :)

Jodi said...

AWESOME!! you are under 100 days!! I like your idea of guessing with the family and seeing who gets it right. Fun fun!!!
hope you have a good pregnancy from here on out!!
What are the names you are deciding on? :)

Kelley said...

Ooooh - I LOVE naming babies!! Although, my children would have had completely different names if my husband hadn't been in the picture. But then I guess I wouldn't have had any babies to name, now, would I?

Aunt Julie said...

How FUN!!!!!

GiBee said...

June 2 is an awesome day. Whatever the date or time, I hope it's swift and painless. Well, one can dream!

Julie said...

As long as it's not between May 23 and 29 when I'm gone then we're okay.