Monday, May 21, 2007

Crazy Accident

Earlier today my Mom, sister, the boys and I were all driving down the freeway. All of a sudden my Mom is slamming on the breaks and my sister lets out this awful yell. I wasn't sure if we were going to hit another car or what was happening. It really scared me. Then I saw it... a man in a small SUV had rolled right off the the freeway at lease three times my Mom said. The SUV then started just rocking back and forth in the middle of the freeway until it came to a complete stop. When we got up to where it was you could tell the man had hit his head on the front window and looked to be unconsious at that point.

Unfortunately, we were unable to stop and assist him because of the lane we were in and the fact that we were on the way to a doctors appointment that was pretty serious. Several others jumped out and were headed over to help the man.

My boys were very upset about what they had seen and I could tell they wanted to do something. I asked them if they wanted to each say a prayer and they said yes. Here's how they prayed...

Josh (almost 6) "Dear Jesus, please be with that poor man who just had that horrible accident on the freeway. Bring the paramedics to help him right away. Amen."

Seth (almost 3) "Dear God, please take care of the guy who crashed. Help him with his fishing pole. Make him better. Get the police. Help him get back to the road. Jesus name, Amen."

Now, I'm not sure where the fishing pole part comes in but it was important for him to mention that to God and I didn't question it. It's amazing how they pray and how they say whatever is on their little hearts!! I'm glad God listens and hears all of our prayers... big and small!!


Shalee said...

Can't answer about the fishing pole either, but God knows all about it. And amen to the big and small prayers!

(And I'm glad y'all weren't involved in the accident too.)

Julie said...

Scary! Glad you guys were okay. (But if you weren't I would have brought you Reese's Cups to the ER.)

Brooke said...

So glad that everyone is okay. LOVED the prayers from Josh and Seth. God hears the littlest of people!

Kate said...

Wow, I am sorry to hear about that. Very scary indeed. So sweet of your boys to be so compassionate and pray for the man. I hope he was ok.

Aunt Julie said...

Brought tears to my eyes! And such tender hearts... someday you'll know what a fishing pole had to do w/it... but until then God does... Keep up the good work Stacey. Nurture & Admonition of the Lord..... don't quit.