Sunday, May 20, 2007

Is it the heat or what??

Several things I've noticed since the heat started rising around here...

~ I'm loosing my patience with my children more often than usual

~ My boys are eating like crazy

~ I can't get enough ice in my cup to satisfy my cravings

~ I can't stop thinking about how good Cherry Lime-aids are

Have you guys been noticing changes along with the summer weather??


Aunt Julie said...

Is it the weather?
'hmmmmm I don't think so!
But hey, whom I to know..... The heat drives me crazy too.....
kidding... but i do think it has just a bit to do with being pregnant ... oops... did I say that?
Love you girl!!!

Brooke said...

Get you as many Limeades, as you want! You deserve it. Don't you worry about those boys, their just boys! I think it is the heat, I have been going crazy, because I want to turn our thermastat down to 68, but Wes will not let me.