Monday, September 17, 2007

Finally... pictures

Well, these pictures are mostly for Aunt Tina because she's just dying to see the little guy and his room. It's hard being thousands of miles away! So the rest of you will just have to put up with me bragging on the little guy :o)

This is Jacob in his bouncy seat... he loves it!

This is Jacob on the day he first learned to roll over...
It was a big day in the house and we all celebrated!

This is Jacob chilling out in his boppy pillow.
He's very serious sometimes.

This is a shot of Jacob's bedroom.
The letters don't look straight in the picture but I think it's the angle I was at.

Here's another picture from his doorway.
We finally found a spot for the horse my Uncle made!

Here's one more shot of his room

This is something you won't see often but when you do... look out!


Mom Tu-Tu said...

I love your little boy's room! It is so cute!

Shalee said...

Oh, he's even more adorable, Stace! And that room is briliant, fun and very kid-friendly.

(You can brag like this anytime!)

Kelley said...

He looks like such a (very cute) little man!

Tina said...

I LOVE the pictures! Thank you!
He looks so much like Seth (and Josh)...and Sarah thought it was Kaleb at first...then Seth...then said it is a baby. :)
Either way I have another very cute nephew! :)

The room turned out SO cute! I love it...wish i was there to see it in person. Someday... :)

Brooke said...

Jake just looks so cute in the pictures, and very serious through the smiles. He always looks like he is thinking hard, must mean he is going to be so smart!

Jen said...

Jacob is the cutest! And I agree that you did a great job on his bedroom. Even Dustin liked the theme!!

Rochelle said...

Oh how sweet are these pics!! And the room should be in a magazine somewhere! :)

Sherry said...

I think that he is sooo very cute. Oh but then agian I am Auntie Sherry and I think that they are all so cute.

And that face is so sad. But it is worse when that bottom lip comes out and he isn't crying (yet) but is so close. I just have to pick him up when that happens.

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

What a cutie:) And that room is ADORABLE! What a cute and creative theme!