Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life's about to get busy

We have lots of fun stuff coming up soon...

I'm planning a shower for my friend Julie on the 30th. She is adopting two little ones from Ethiopia. God is truly doing amazing things through her and her family this year! I'm so proud of her and I can't wait to meet these two beautiful children!

We're also planning Jake's first birthday party for May 31st. It's not going to be anything big, just cake and ice cream and maybe a few munchies. He's too young to remember it all anyway.

Then Josh's last day of school is the 4th. He's pretty excited about that!

We leave for the GO missions trip at our church on the 7th and return the 14th. It will be lots of fun and I can't wait to see how God works in all of our lives while we're gone. It's been an amazing journey as we prepare each week. I can only imagine what the actual trip will hold!

Jacob will be having tubes put in on the 19th. I'm nervous but we did it with Seth already so it shouldn't be too scary for me. It's such a quick operation and I know it will help so much. He's already had six ear infections since January. Poor thing.

Then on the 19th we have a wedding to attend for a sweet couple at church.

Anyway, it looks like it's going to be a full calendar. I bet it's all going to fly by as time seems to do these days. I will try and get pictures for each event and share them with you all :o)


Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Sounds fun:). Here's praying for strength and peace in this busy time!

Looking forward to all the pictures:)

Shalee said...

Oh, I love having the plans for summer well in advance. You're going to love every busy moment of it!

Let us know when Jacob's surgery is going to be. I'll start praying that it will be completely successful and that your nerves will be like steel.