Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The sky is falling

My son Josh is a hypochondriac and I feel for him, I really do. Last night I was leaving Starbucks after a night out with some of the High School girls and ended up having to pull over because I got so sick. My mind was racing and felt like it might explode... my mini van is messy enough without brains splattered all over! I honestly don't remember all of it and think I gave my sister a bit of a scare. She kept asking these strange questions and I have a feeling I was talking crazy. Sorry Sherry!

I'm so blessed to have parents that live close by. They met me about half way and my Mom drove me home. Anyway, as soon as my Mom got me in the door Josh heard what was going on and started to panic. I heard him say, "Does she need to go to the ER?" I was out of it after that but Jeff says he immediately started saying he was sick and couldn't make it through school the next day. This happens whenever one of his brothers gets sick. He mysteriously ends up with the same thing!

Jeff and I laugh inside because it really is pretty funny. We are onto him though. Jeff said this morning he was actually crying as he got out of the car and would not look back! I will pick him up in about 10 minutes and we'll see how the day went. I have a feeling he's all better now!


Amber Hann said...

he did great today! he was very attentive and class and even DANCED! :) so i think he felt ok :)

Julie said...

Sympathy sickness. He's in trouble when he gets married and his wife gets pregnant :-)

Shalee said...

Okay, I'm more worried about you than I am about Josh at this moment. Are you okay? Crazy talk isn't necessary a normal symptom... oh wait. Maybe it is with you after all! :o)