Monday, June 29, 2009

In Memory of my Gramps...

Recently my Grandpa passed away and it was so tough. He was an amazing man who served his country and his faith for many years. I think I'm ready to talk about some of my memories and stories...

He loved talking about being in the military and was proud of his accomplishments! He often told funny stories of the things that happened. I remember only a couple of times him telling us of the darker, deeper stories of men being blown up in front of him or the guy next to him having his arm shot to pieces. I think he wanted to protect us from those scary real life moments as his granddaughters. I always will remember him as being a brave man!

Another thing he enjoyed was preaching the Gospel and sharing God's love. He was the Pastor of our church for over 20 years. I remember if we were at their house on a Saturday we had to be sure to stay out of his office and be a little more quiet because he had to study. I thought for sure he must have known the Bible from cover to cover because he studied ALL the time. As little girls, my sister and I would often fall asleep during the Sunday evening service while he was preaching and he enjoyed teasing us about how boring he must have been! Then later when we were having dinner he would ask one of us to pray for the meal and as soon as we would say "Amen" he would start snoring, turning the tables on us!

Every time I pass a Kit Kat Bar I think of him because it was his favorite. He would stop by our house every few weeks and as soon as he pulled up we knew there would be a treat for us. He would either have them tucked in his shirt pocket or a brown paper bag. It was the best!

My Grandpa has also been a part of so many of my memories... He baptized me on my 6th birthday. He and my Grandma were at all of my birthday parties. They attended my High School graduation and he was so proud. He and my Uncle Steve married Jeff and I. He was at the hospital for the birth of all three of my boys and was beaming about having another Great Grandson.

I am so thankful for the time my own boys had to spend with him because they have wonderful memories of their Great Grandpa! He was always spoiling them with toys and money. He was a wonderful Great Grandpa and I know they will cherish those memories!

What an amazing man... I thank God for giving him to me as a Grandpa!!


Sassy Granny ... said...

What a rich heritage! He may be out of sight for now, but there's no doubt in my mind that the depths of his life - the love & faith parts - will be visible in your own legacy, as well as your boy's. You will see him in a thousands ways and for at least a thousand times.

My condolences,

GiBee said...

He sounds like an amazing man that has left quite a legacy!