Friday, August 07, 2009

Been so long...

It's been so long since I blogged, I almost forgot how to log in. I really want to be here but I just can't find myself saying much.

I guess I can share a little bit about Seth's first week in Kindergarten though. The very first day he had some good stuff...

Monday, first thing out of his mouth "I didn't even go to the Principal's office today!"
Later on ~ "Lunch is the best part of school!"

Tuesday he fell asleep in music at some point and lost his lunch box somehow. Then the cafeteria was closed by the time I picked him up so we couldn't find it. He ended the day by being on yellow!

On Wednesday he had a tough time because the assistant tossed his lunch before he was completely done. That set him off and he began to cry his eyes out. The principal had to call me and have me talk with him to calm him down. He begged to come home but I wouldn't give in. He's got to learn I can't come get him any time he's upset! He came home on green though.

Thursday went great and he got a green star!

We'll see what happens today. He seemed hesitant to go...

Doesn't he seem so tiny in that uniform?

I think his back pack weighs more than he does!


Shalee said...

I know how you feel Stacey. Though I do blog, it's been eons since I've read my bloglines, catching up with friends across the world.

I'm glad to see that Seth is slowly but surely adapting to school life. It's tough going from a place where Mom has given one on one attention to a room full of other kids and the teacher has to share her focus with many.

Hang in there girl. It will only get easier as the week progresses!

Anonymous said...

Never fear... according to Clay, Garrett would cry almost daily for TWO MONTHS when he started kindergarten. Cry and refuse to get dressed and refuse to go. Thank goodness he doesnt still do that!