Friday, August 21, 2009

Triple Birthday Bash

Summers at our house are always crazy, not only do we have all the usual summer fun and activities planned, we have three boys with birthdays to celebrate! I thought maybe I could catch you up on what those looked like and how we celebrated this year. I'm going to have to do it in three posts though so I can fit all the pictures in. First we'll start with Jacob, his birthday was tough because we were dealing with the fact that my Grandpa was so sick. In fact, we found out just before the party that he would be going into hospice care the following day. So it was as if we were celebrating a little life and dealing with the possible loss of an older one all at once! God is good and pulled us all through...

Riding his new bike from Gram and Big Papa

Loving on Grandma at the party

He loves his cousin Lexie

Too much cake!

Blowing out the candles

Playing games at Peter Piper Pizza

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