Thursday, July 05, 2007

Seth's Birthday Pictures...

Here are the pictures from Seth's Birthday Party that I promised. Let me explain that it was a cowboy party so some of the pics make sense. He had an absolute blast and so did we!

The Birthday Boy with his cake

This is a rocking horse my Uncle made for him

We're talking human hair, a real saddle and fur to make it more real

His cake said "Happy Birthday Cowboy!"

Yummy cake and ice cream!

Hitting the pinata in the backyard

Checking out his new bath toy with Natalie


MonkeyKisses - Liz said...

Now that is a HORSE!!!!! :-) Looks like he had fun.. he's a doll!!!!

Jodi said...

Sounds like a great party!! Awesome theme. I can say I have never seen a horse quite like that. Looks fun!! :) Glad the party went well. Good job Mom!!

Brooke said...

Such cute pics! I am so glad to have Seth in my class. I will love him bunches every week.

Tina said...

what a fun party.
the cake was perfect.
so sad there are no pics of my kids in there with him.
i am sure they would have loved to help him open gifts or play with whatever...especially the horse! :)

Shalee said...

I think I need to be your kid, Stace... That was just cool!

Kate said...

What a doll! And what a blast! That cake looks sooo yummy!