Thursday, July 12, 2007

Being content

Lately I don't know if I have the baby blues or what. I've decided that I should make a list of things that are getting me down and then try and see the positive in each of them. Maybe it will help me to be a little more content and thankful for my life!

Negative ~ Medical Bills

My prayer ~ Thank you God for providing me with health insurance that at least covers most of the cost. Also, thank you for providing the doctors to care for my family!

Negative ~ Kids driving me nuts

My Prayer ~ Thank you Lord for giving me these wonderful gifts. Some women may never get the chance to experience having their own children. Please give me the strength and wisdom to raise them the way you would want!

Negative ~ Summer Heat

My prayer ~ Thanks God for giving me a home and car with AC so I can keep my family cool!

Negative ~ Rude People

My prayer ~ Lord, please help me to remember that you created each of us and you love us all the same. Help me be patient with those around me and always show your love!

I'm feeling much better already! What's getting you down lately??


Brooke said...

All of the above - minus medical bills. I think that the heat makes everything worse. Why is it seeming to bother everyone this year? It is so strange and I hope that we all get a break soon. I will be praying that your heart is lifted from all of these things, and it will make each day pass with patience and peace. That is what we all need, isn't it?

Tina said...

Good for you seeing the positive in each of these situations!

What is getting me down?
I miss my dear SIL and other friends and family. :(

Tina B said...

Thanks for sharing how to find the postive in the negative. I needed that this week!!!

Aunt Julie said...

I thot maybe Tina started this blog... Good idea Stacey. Been praying for you and Jeff and all you're dealing w/ but must admit I thot of Tina w/Ants, bugs, ?broken feet? Ecelator accidents? etc etc etc ... and know that's how the Lord is helping her cope...
Know we love & are praying for you too
I'll e-mail later
Lots happening w/us too

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

What a great idea to see the blessings in your trials. I think the first several months of bringing a baby home are trying in many ways. Hormones, a "new" body again:), sleepless nights, and many more adjustments add to it. But I too try to focus on the blessings and by far they out way the bad... but sometimes it's hard not to get done.

Praying for you.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Kate said...

Hormones, lack of sleep, adjusting to three... all of these will easily give you the blues. Here's a hug of encouragement. I hope your day is awesome today. :)