Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Seth

Seth turned 3 last Friday and I wanted to write a post about him. Unfortunately I never got around to it with all the party planning and birthday stuff going on. He is an amazing child and I thought it would be fun if I just listed some words that pop in my head when I think of him...

1. Energetic
2. Fun
3. Loving
4. Sweet
5. Mischievous
6. Silly
7. Imaginative
8. Happy
9. Friendly
10. Ornery

Just an example of our life with Seth. The other night we told the boys to get their PJ's on and head to bed. Here's the conversation we then had with Seth...

Seth ~ "I had a dream."
Daddy ~ "Oh yeah, what was your dream?"
Seth ~ "The angel told me to watch a movie before bed."
Me ~ "Wow, he did, huh?"
Seth ~ "He did tell me that!"
Daddy ~ "Did he have a name?"
Seth ~ "The angel's name is George Bush."

It was all I could do from rolling on the floor laughing! He's is so silly and has such an imagination these days!!

I'll post some pics from the party in the next post :-)

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Tina said...

He cracks me up!

Maybe someday both of your kids will be on that Kids say the smartest things show (or whatever it is called...the one with bill cosby). They are entertaining!