Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma

Yesterday was my Grandma's 78th Birthday. My Grandma is one special lady! I have so many memories of her over the years. It was such a treat when we got to stay the night at her house. Her guest room always seemed huge to me. She had a giant king size bed that we like to jump on when she wasn't around (sorry Grandma!). I remember times we helped her bake dozens of cookies for VBS. In the summer there was no better place to be... we lived in Grandma's pool, complete with slide and diving board.

Not only did I watch her in the role of Grandma but also as a Pastor's wife for over 20 years. Leading women's groups or special events. Taking time to make sure everyone else was taken care of before herself. A woman with a huge Faith!

She was also the mother of my mother, not an easy job I'm sure (just kidding Mom).

As I've grown I've watched her go from a Grandma to a Great Grandma. It's even more special to see interacting with my boys. She takes her job very seriously and loves to spend time with them. She spoils them with special clothes or toys here and there. She always has tasty snacks in jars on the counter that they can't resist. She evens plays outside with them from time to time!

Thank you Grandma for being such a special lady. You've influenced my life in ways you'll never even know. I'm proud to call you Grandma! I love you!!


Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Wow 78....Happy Happy Birthday to her!

Tina B. said...

I have been blessed these past few months to get to know and spend a little time with your Grandma. You are correct, she is a special lady! And I those jars on her counter...I cannot resist either! I love pepermint patties!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Latrice!

Susie said...

She is a special lady! I love her dearly!

Kristi said...

Don't forget grandma's lava lamp! haha that always made the trip going over there! :)