Monday, July 11, 2011


I have lots of "friends" in my life but there are some that are closer than others. One friend that comes to mind as a constant in my life is Julie. We've been friends for over 9 years. Honestly, we can't either one remember how exactly it started. We were in the same small group for several years and I'm guessing it just kind of happened. I'm sure thankful it did!

I can think back on so many memories over the years...

~ The time I worked with her sister in law, Jenny and we surprised her with a baby shower. I know there are pictures somewhere but her face was priceless when she walked in!

~ The times we scrapbooked together late into the night.

~ I remember when her and Mark wanted to do a Holiday open house. We worked so hard on the finger foods. The party was a big hit!

~ Once when I surprised her for her birthday and we went horseback riding. That
was fun!

~ I remember roping her into co-directing the church nursery with me. It was great serving with a friend.

~ She threw me a baby shower for baby boy #2 and helped with baby boy #3.

~ She comforted me and my family the night we thought we had lost my sister.

~ Once when I had surgery she had to come "babysit" me because I was loopy on pain killers and couldn't move very well. Who knows what I said to her that day!

~ She supported me and was always there during the time my Mom made her way through breast cancer. Plus, made my Mom a goody bag of some of her favorite things... like red hots to help get through chemo!

~ The time her dog, Snickers died and we drove to the vet. We waiting as they got him out and she burst into tears in the parking lot. We stood and cried until we laughed. Then stopped at Starbucks to help us get through it!

~ We had a special adoption shower for her when L and B were coming home.

~ We've seen so many movies over the years... we really should have kept a count of them because that would have been fun!

For years now, she's been praying for me in good times and bad. I know I can always call her up when I've had a rough day and cry my eyes out. It's not always pretty but she helps me work through it and sees the silver lining. Like the time my son finger painted on the brand new carpet and she rushed over with her carpet cleaner. Or when I was pregnant and not sure I could love all of my kids enough. Probably sounds silly now but they were big when they happened.

Not only that but she's been a cheerleader for me in some business schemes I've tried... Premier Jewelry, Avon and Day care in my home. Always willing to offer a hand or host a party. Always coming up with new ideas to make extra to help support my family.

There have been nights where we've gone to dinner or a movie, hit up Starbucks and that's not quite long enough so we sit in the car for another couple hours and just talk about anything and everything! She even puts up with me when I get slap-happy and can't control my laughter. Actually, I think she secretly hopes I get that way every time :o)

I've been so blessed over the years! I've learned nothing can surprise me about her. She is willing to take risks and try new things. Her heart is HUGE and she has a big desire to serve the Lord and those around her.

Most recently I have to say that I've loved watching her through the adoption process. I remember the morning she stopped by with a video and we watched two sweet kids singing together. I cried my eyes out at the hopes of these two coming home to live with her. I knew that she was the perfect Mom for the job! I waited patiently for updates and news as the process continued. I had no idea what she was going through but I tried to cheer her on and encourage her along the journey! It was such a special night when they came home and I got to be a part of the "family" at the airport to welcome them. What a joy that truly was and I will never forget it!

Now her heart for orphans is bigger than ever. She's also a big hot-shot that wrote a book, Adopt without Debt. Recently she was featured on the Dave Ramsey show. I am so proud of her and her accomplishments. God is really using her to reach out and spread the hope about adoption. It can be done and she is proof.

I honestly can't imagine my life without her! Julie, thank you for being such a huge blessing in my life. God truly brought me a gift when our paths crossed. Love you, girl!

This was the time I surprised her and
we went horseback riding... cowboy hats and all!


Julie said...

So grateful for all these memories with you. The Snickers one still cracks me up. Glad I had you there for some much needed comic relief. And yes, I secretly keep you out long enough to get you slap happy on purpose. Love you!

OneHappyfamily said...

Sweet post!