Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To work, or not to work...

Lately I've been considering getting a job. Not because I want to but because I have to. We've had some unexpected medical issues arise and that brings bills for some reason. It's not easy when you see your child in pain and the pediatrician says "Take him down to the children's hospital to have it checked out." You do it because what is your other option? Well, unfortunately that also caused us to get a $1400 bill in the mail. My favorite kind of mail... NOT!

Then when you're having terrible headaches for months and no medication is clearing it up. You go to the doctor and he says words like Leukemia, brain tumor, or whatever else he said that I didn't catch because he said those other words that had me freaking out! You go for the MRI and a few weeks later an $800 bill arrives in the mail.

Now I'm scheduled to go to the dentist and who knows how much that will cost me. I'm bracing myself for it! Probably not going to be pretty.

We have insurance for both medical and dental but it's not the best. What's up with that anyway? Isn't it supposed to help us out and cover the issues we're having.

So anyway, we're praying about our options and trying to figure out how God is going to provide. Jeff says he could go get a second job but I feel terrible thinking about him working double time so I can keep staying home. I'm not a good salesperson so I don't think any of those in-home party sales would be a great option. I'm open to suggestions though! Any ideas? Otherwise, just pray for our family to do what God wants us to do!

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OneHappyfamily said...

I remember those days. I had to remind myself daily that "my treasures" were at home. While I watched everyone else buy quads, vacation, eat out, and so on. I feel your pain. I hope you are able to figure something out that works for you all. Maybe look into working at the kids school?