Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My sweet little niece

Don't you just love a big wet kiss?

Can we say princess?

It's so fun to have a girl in the family!!

Hey, I'm the princess around my house, right??

I have to start by saying Happy 2nd Birthday Sarah!!
(I know it's a couple days early but I couldn't resist)

I'll start by saying that on my husband's side we thought we were destined to have all boys!!
For years we kept having boys.
In fact, Sarah is the youngest of six grandkids and the only little girl!!
It's all exciting and new as we watch her grow.
She is a one of a kind girl!
Very much into fashion, shoes, purses and hair!
She's a little girl who knows what she wants and usually gets it!
And with 3 big brothers and 2 older cousins, she's going to have lots of protection!!

Last night she did something that shocked us all...
Just hop over to my sister-n-law's blog to check it out!!


Tina said...

You two are just too cute together!
I know she is going to miss you so much when we leave!!

Kate said...

Awww, that's so sweet! She looks like you!

Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures - the crown is great! I also read about her adventure on top of the furniture. That's too funny! She's a sweetie.

Lauren said...

Hey is that really a pic of you Stacy. You're both cute.