Monday, July 10, 2006

Nosey Neighbors

Were you wondering where I've been? It's been very busy around here!!

Anyway, onto a story about people who put their noses where they don't belong. Last week I got a note on my door from a city codes officer. The note said someone complained about my day care operation. I talk with someone the next day to find out if I was in violation of codes and they said as far as they knew, I was in complete compliance with all the codes. I was so relieved!!

The next day I went next door to apologize to the neighbors and let them know I was sorry for anything I had done that offended them. I just really felt God was saying I should take that step to clear the air. I spoke with the neighbor who I assumed wouldn't call the city and she confirmed. She said she would take one guess as to who it was, confirming my suspicions.

I stopped by the other neighbor's home and they didn't answer the door. Later that night I tried again but they must not have been home. The next day I stopped by and was talking with the wife and daughter. The wife said she had no idea why someone would do that and she couldn't believe someone would have a problem with us because we were such good neighbors. As I'm talking the little girl interrupts and says "I think Daddy called. I'm pretty sure Daddy knows about this." The Mom looked absolutely shocked at what the daughter was saying.

At this point I can hear the Dad upstairs yelling and asking who's at the door with some not so great language. Now I'm a member of the family-friendly blogroll so I won't tell you word for word what he said because it wasn't appropriate for children. He came down and said "Why the heck are you asking us about it? Did they tell you it was me? Why are you singling us out like this? This is crazy. I've had enough, I'm going back upstairs!"

I'm not sure about you but the daughter saying what she did and the Dad acting like a jerk pretty much confirms it for me!! I just hope it didn't cause too much of an issue between the Mom and Dad. Plus, I hope the little girl doesn't get in trouble for speaking up.

Anyway, I feel good now at least knowing that I made my peace with all of them. Hopefully nothing else will come of it.


theresa said...

I was wondering what happened to ya?? I left a message on your vm at home but I figured you were busy. Glad to hear your "in compliance". I wish people would worry about their own business instead of everyone else's. Good for you for trying to make peace.

Here's to more happy sitting at home! :-)

Susie said...

I'm proud of you for confronting the situation with such a positive attitude. I just hope he doesn't give you anymore problems. Maybe now would be a great time to invite them to church!! :)

Kelley said...

I had a neighbor call CPS on us once in AZ (long story). It's never a good thing when CPS rings your doorbell, but since we homeschool our kids, we were really worried. Fortunately, it was obvious that there wasn't a problem in our family and they left us alone after that. We still don't know who called though.

It's never a fun feeling to know that someone is watching & waiting for you to mess up. I really admire you for talking to the people you think made the call, Stacey. I would've completely avoided them to spare myself the conflict and embarrassment, although part of me would want to explain (or hear what happened to trigger their impulse to call).

Antique Mommy said...

I used to host a ladies Bible study in my home. Not like 30 women, but like 7. Every Tuesday, my neighbor would call the police because someone had parked in front of her house. Not in front of her driveway or mailbox, just in front of her house. She called one day and started yelling at me during the study and got my ire up (the HS was not with me at that moment!) One of the older ladies went over and put the love of the Lord on her and smoothed things over. I think they now trade recipes. I haven't done as well as you in making peace.. Maybe I'll just stop here and go write a post about it!!

Shalee said...

I have been wondering where you have been! It's good to see that you are making the rounds again...

You handled that so well, Stacey! I love that you listened to God and took the steps necessary on your part to clear the air.

You go girl!

Paulette said...

wow you did such a great thing, that was so brave, good for you. I think it is so important if we are offended or offend others to clear the air. You never know what seed that may have planted in his heart.Great job in being bold. Enjoyed your site.