Monday, April 07, 2008

An apple a day... keeps the dentist away?

Josh lost his first top tooth last week. He was very excited! He tried and tried to pull it out but just couldn't seem to do it. My Mom told him to try an apple. He doesn't like apples so he wasn't sure about it. She said he could just spit the apple out after he bit into it. So by about the second bite it fell out. He was so thrilled and Seth was happy to eat the rest of his apple!

The tooth fairy gave him $2 dollars and left fairy dust on his pillow!


OneHappyfamily said...

Love that dimple of his. Doesn't Josh look alot like your dad? Tim thinks he is spitting image of Jeff. Who do you think is right? ;~)

for Sarah... said...

WAY to GO JOSH!!! Love those pictures and you look so cool with the missing tooth ;o)

What cha gonna buy with all that cash??