Monday, April 28, 2008

The Poop Diaries

Yesterday Jeff said to me "Do you ever feel like life as a parent revolves around poop?" I just laughed. Today that became even more clear as I changed each poopy diaper. Jacob must have had at least three. Then I got to thinking about how many times a day we're dealing with someone having an accident, a poopy diaper or someone being constipated. Wow, who knew?

This evening it became even more clear to me how many times we deal with this subject. Jacob was outside in his jumparoo watching Jeff plant our new tree. All of a sudden Jeff says "What in the world are you jumping around in Jacob?" I came over to take a look, too. That's when we both realized he had had some sort of explosion and it was all over his legs, feets and clothes! We quickly hosed him off and ran him to the bathtub. What a mess!

Anyway, some of you may have quit reading after the title but I couldn't help but share :o)


Barbie@ Mamaology said...

I unfortunately can relate:) I have a day care too so that just adds more poop to my day:)

luvgod2 said...

LOL! Thanks for the laughter today - sorry it's at your expense. It brings back memories!
Oh, the joys of motherhood:)

Sherry said...

That's gross and funny all in one! Good luck with that!