Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mother of the year

I will NOT be winning this award! Today I was doing things around the house, taking care of 4 little boys and talking to my mother on the phone. Then it hit me... Josh got out of school 10 minutes ago and I totally forgot! Thank goodness we live about a minute away. I had to run out of the house with kids that were half dressed and shoeless. I called the office and asked them to let him come out to the van so I didn't have to walk up. Ugh, some days I just can't get it all together!


Anonymous said...

I forgive you!!! Forgive yourself... we have all had that moment, I think. I left my two sitting in front of the school (thank God they were together) for 30 mins once.

Vicki said...

Stacey - you are an amazing Mom!! Don't sweat the small stuff, our children sure don't!

Jodi said...

This will be one of the stories that are told for many years to come. :) Hey you did good to get all the kids in the car and get him. Life is crazy. Just enjoy the boys while you can.