Wednesday, January 07, 2009

There's a First Time for Everything

My kids have never been to see the snow. I know, it's so sad since we live about 2 hours from where it snows each year. We set our goal that this was going to be the year and we made it happen. A couple weeks ago we loaded up and headed north with my parents and sister. The boys couldn't wait to get there. We were all pleasantly surprised that they lasted almost 4 hours in the wet, cold snow. It was a wonderful day and they were exhausted by the time we were done!

Are we almost there?

Making snow angels

Seth by the snow dude

Poor Jake... all he could say was "Uh, oh!"

From the snow he was made and to the snow he returned

What a long day...


Anonymous said...

SUPER CUTE!!! Shawnie and I are going back this Saturday... you guys should come. Mary is bringing her little guys

Shalee said...

I think it's awesome that you took the time to make the trip happen, Stacey! Too often we let things go because it's not convenient or easy. This will be a trip that they'll not only remember, they'll write about it for school projects, they'll talk to their friends about it and they'll ask to do it again and again.

OneHappyfamily said...

Love the pic of Jacob. Fun time for sure. Glad you made it happen!