Monday, January 26, 2009

When you become the parent

Since Jeff's Mom passed away just over a year ago, I feel like there have been some role reversals in the relationship between Jeff and his Dad. It's hard to see him go through all the changes involved with loosing a spouse, especially when he was so dependant on her. We've tried to be supportive but it's not always easy. I feel like in so many ways, Jeff has become a father to his father. He looks to him for advice, support and daily care.

He is making some tough choices right now and while we dont' always agree with him, we still have to respect him. All we want is for him to be happy but to also follow the will of God and what He desires for his life! Pray for our family as we continue to deal with this situation!


Donna Rae said...

My grandparents were the same way. My grandma spent her whole life taking care of my grandpa. At times neglecting herself and her health. When my grandfather was in the hospital dying, (only days to live) My grandmother fainted. They ran tests on her and she was full of cancer. Hours later my grandfather died. Three weeks later my grandmother died. I know she would of not been able to survive without him even if she were healthy. I hope things work out for Jeff I know these things can be a real stress on the family.

OneHappyfamily said...

Stacy you and Jeff will be in our prayers. I will add Marty to our prayer requests at small group tomorrrow as well. Is there ANYTHING I can do for you guys? Hugs to you and Jeff.

Jodi said...

Wow Stacey. Praying for you. Can kinda understand the role reversal. Not quite the extent as Jeff and Marty, but dealing with some of it with our parents. Will definitly be praying for you guys.

Vicki said...

I am praying with you all. It's not easy, but it so honors God. Thanks for being such an amazing example. We love you!!

Donna Rae said...

My eamil address in it's on my blog to the right hand side if you ever need it in the future. I appreciate that. I am so leary of having anyone in the house. I would be much happier to have somone that someone I know uses. I have got 2 other names but need to wait for a couple more weeks to get someone in here. Got to pay off that vacation!!!!!

Sassy Granny ... said...

We aging parents can be terribly troublesome. I see it in my older sisters ... where they were once "take charge" and quite adept at navigating life's curves, they are now more reticent, even willing to defer to me to make decisions.

I have to wonder what my own three think about their mother. Mmmmm

God bless you both as you shift gears to accomodate this beloved father.