Monday, June 12, 2006

Our Camping Trip

Our trip into town to have lunch at the park... Grandma and Josh swinging

Papa, Josh and Aunt Sherry Fishin'

Peek-a-boo Seth

Aunt Sherry and Seth hanging out by the lake

One thing Josh was great at catching... caterpillars

Grandma and Seth snuggling at the lake

Josh imitating Big Papa after a hard day of fishing

A very dirty little Seth after two days of camping

Okay, so camping for us is near Flagstaff, AZ. We go to a place that has the camp-site cleared for you. They have nice bathrooms and showers if you really want to live it up. Some people would say that it's hardly considered camping but with little ones and three women... it's camping for us!!

We had warmer than usual weather, in the 90's. We were hoping for a few afternoon showers but that never happened. The bugs were terrible this year, we all left with bites. Overall, it was just nice to get away and enjoy some family time!! We played board games, fished, hiked, biking and so much more. Can't wait to do it all again!!


Lauren said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. I love camping and Flagstaff usually allows for a break from the heat, usually. Why didn't we see any pictures of you, we didn't did we?

Addie said...

Sounds like a great trip. I love the picture of Seth after 2 days. I bet both your boys were in hog heaven!

HolyMama! said...

can i just say that 'grandma' does NOT look like a grandma! and i love seth's dirty little face! (i have a seth too.)

theresa said...

Too cute Stace! I was wondering where you were going to camp at since it's in the "teens" here in AZ. I haven't been camping in I don't know how long? I'm not sure how I would do??? Luv the pics, I like the imitating Big Papa one.

Stacey said...

Lauren, how do you know about Flagstaff?

Addie, your comment stayed on here this time : )

Holymama, we get that all the time. She's just 20 years older than me : )

Theresa, I'm sure you would do great. The girls would probably love it!!

Tina said...

Looks like so much fun!

On the pictures I had to look twice before I knew it was your mom and not you! :)

(Not because you look old but because she looks young!!) :)

Aunt Julie said...

I love Tina's comment...
Better yet are the pictures worth a thousand WORDS!!!!!
Oh, Stacey, after reading Jodi's "ant" story and now yours about "bugs" i've got to laugh!!!
But I must tell you, you need to use the picture of "papa & josh" after a hard day of fishing, it's GREAT!!!!!
And Tina's right about the picture of your mom... Wow she doesn't get older like the rest of us... Good for you, since you look so much alike, you'll stay "young" looking too...
Hey, e-mail me...
I was wondering if you're considering coming with T/J for VBS. Really we would love to have you and the kids...
We have been offered a house for us & Pabst and thought we'd let the "thomases" have our house.....
I'd also like to have you're e-mail and you're mom's!!!
I've tried e-mialing you from your blog, but it doesn't work?
not sure why.

Lauren said...

Stacy, we lived in Scottsdale from 1999-2001. HOT!