Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I love about Camping...
(We're going camping this weekend)

1. Waking up in the morning to birds chirping

2. Campfires

3. Being able to actually see the stars at night

4. Smores

5. Watching my son try to catch a fish

6. Taking a nap in your tent with the fresh air breezing through

7. Taking a "hike" with my kids

8. Hot Chocolate

9. The weather

10. The little squirels

11. Watching my kids discover nature

12. Seeing my parents playing with my kids and making memories

13. The funny things kids say about camping. The first time we took Josh he said "Wow, this looks like the forrest or something." & "Animals come out, come out wherever you are!"


Tina said...

Have Fun! :)

Lauren said...

Oh, enjoy yourself and relax too, that's what camping is all about. :)

KP said...

How cute, I'm visiting from Addie's. I can't wait to take our kids camping...for all of the reasons you listed. Hope you have a GRRRRREAt time. :)