Sunday, June 18, 2006

Thank you Dad

It's father's day and I wanted to talk about my Dad. Most girls think about there Dad and say "I think my Dad should be the president." I always thought "Man, my Dad sure could fix up that old white house!" I don't think there's a project I've ever heard my Dad say he couldn't do without first giving it his best try. I've seen him do room additions, patio additions, painting, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, back yards, front yards, upstairs and downstairs... you name it, he's done it!!

I also remember thinking my Dad could do no wrong. I know now that that's not true. I do know he's quick to listen and slow to speak. He doesn't get angry very often and it takes a lot to get him that way.

He's a man of God. He reads his Bible and prays daily. He is currently the Pastor of Development and Construction at our church. It's a great way to combine his love for the Lord and his community with his love for construction.

My Dad also has a very funny side. Sometimes he almost seems serious and then you realize he's just pulling your leg. Once in a while that get's him in trouble with Mom : )

My Dad is a wonderful Grandpa. He gives ponny rides through the house, with sound effects and all! He reads to my boys. He plays ball and takes them for walks around the neighborhood. He has even brought them back toys when he goes on a business trip.

My Dad has always seemed like the biggest guy in the world to me. Oh yeah, that might be because he's 6' 6". He's very tall and I used to love riding on his shoulders... it was like being in the clouds : )

I know some of this might seem silly to you but it's what was on my heart. Thank you Dad for everything you've done!! You mean the world to me and you'll always be my Daddy!!


Addie said...

Sweet post! You are blessed to have such a dad! I hope you had a great day with all the men in your life. :-)

Susie said...

I might just one could ever fill his shoes (size 16)! I'm so thankful that God blessed us with such a wonderful guy! I'm love hearing your memories of growing up!! Love ya!

Sherry said...

Stacey I couldnt have said that better myself. I cryed when I read this because you said it all and I am glad that we have a Dad that is so big and so strong to be there for us when ever we need him. I am proud of Him and his work that he is doing. I think that I have a problem dating because I want some one that is like Dad and can do everything. Love ya!!