Friday, September 01, 2006

Bargain Hunting

Yesterday I headed to the second hand store with my Mom and Sister. We were on the look-out for some big women's dresses (muu-muu style) for a skit we're doing at church. We did find a few things that will work for that. Plus, I got some great deals on kids books. I bought 24 children's books, two read and learn story cartridges and a cool three tier serving thingie for only $16! I got some really cool books including Clifford, Golden books, Dr. Seuss, the Hungry Caterpillar and many more! I donated 12 to Josh's Kindergarten class and kept 12 for our house. I'd say overall I did some pretty good bargain hunting!!

So tell me, have you found a great bargain lately?


Lauren said...

The only place I shop is the grocery store and let me tell you, there are NO bargains there lately. What is up with that?

Kate said...

I'm with Lauren - what is up with that?! That's where I need and want the bargains most!! I am hitting a consignment sale this Friday so hopefully I will find a good bargain there. Like shoes for the kids!

FosterMom said...

Every Monday at our local Value Village thrift store, a certain color tag is only 99 cents, no matter what the tag is really marked. Today, I got over $60 worth of great kids clothes - even two brand new pieces - for only $14! Quite a bargain, I would say!