Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Talking with Lauren

1…. She is just as funny on the phone as she is on her blog

2. She's very loving and kind

3. She's a great listener!

4. She's patient... Seth asked me for something so many times I can't even count and I couldn't understand what he was saying. She just let me work it out with him. In fact, she tried to help me figure out what he was saying : )

5. We discovered that birth order played a big part in both of our families.

6. My oldest son acts a lot like her's

7. My youngest son acts just like her's and she's now encouraged me to harness that and use it for good around the house with chores in a couple years : )

8. Her husband, Julian, really can't help himself from joining the conversation. I think maybe he should have his own blog!

9. Lauren and her family used to live in AZ ~ probably only a 35 minute drive from me.

10. Her voice sounds nothing like I imagined for some reason

11. But it was very nice

12. She'll make fun of you about your sidebar but in such a nice way that you will want to laugh, too!

13. I will be talking with her again for sure!

My next goal is to talk with Shalee. Lauren and I both think she would be a blast!

I also need to call Theresa back... Sorry, T : )

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GiBee said...

Great list! They are each true ... isn't she awesome?!

Anyhooo -- thank you for leaving your whispers of encouragement! They really meant so much to me!

And for the record ... many of us will be in Texas to "MIRL" (Meet In Real Life) -- any change you'll be there?

GiBee said...

oops ... that was supposed to say ... any CHANCE you can come?

Shalee said...

Hey! You were talking about me! To Lauren! Oh, wait... it was good stuff. Okay.

I'm all about talking with you and/or Lauren. Send me an email and I'll send you my numbers and we'll yap, yap, yap! Or you could come to TX and get a real live hug too!

Oh, and I'm jealous about your talk time with her. I bet it was completely uplifting and fun.

Lauren said...

I loved talking with you. Seth's little voice brought back so many memories. It really would be wonderful if you could make it to Texas next month. Maybe you could convince Desert Diva to drive and that way you'd both be there.

Pretty impressive that you could find thirteen NICE things to say about me. You're probably the only person on earth!!!!

Talk to you soon friend!

theresa said...

Hey S, I hope you know that I was just teasing you over at Lauren's?
BTW - we live so close we could just "MIRL" insteady ya know? :)

That was a sweet TT! I'm not sure if I'm going to make it to Dallas either! Maybe you, me and Julie could have our own conference? Hee, hee!