Monday, September 11, 2006

My September 11th story

I remember getting up and getting ready for work. I had to be there at 6:30 so I was up pretty early. I got the baby ready to go to Grandma's house.

When I got to my Mom's house, the news was on like it usually was. She said "Honey, did you hear about the accident? A plane flew into the twin towers this morning." I remember thinking "what are the twin towers anyway?" I knew they were in New York but I had no real idea what went on there and why someone could accidentally fly a plane into something so tall unless it was on purpose.

I went ahead and went to work. When I got there they had the TV on in the back. I thought that was pretty weird since we never turned it on while the store was running. A few people said something about it "being just horrible" or "how could someone do something like this?" I didn't really think much of it and went to my office in the front of the building. I turned on my radio to my favorite country station and started my daily routine of counting the drawers from the previous day. All they kept talking about on the radio was the plane crash and then I heard those two little words that will stay with me forever... "terrorist attack!"

I called my Mom right away and asked her what it was all about. She was able to tell me more in detail about what was going on. I remember her telling me about the other plane crashes and I welled up with tears. It was so hard to understand. I remember we had hardly any customers that day. My boss finally let me go home early to be with my son, Josh, who wasn't even two months old.

When I got home, I remember sitting on the couch with Josh and crying wondering how something like this could happen to our country. I remember thinking "God, how could I bring a child into a world like this?" My heart went out to all those families who lost loved ones that day. I prayed for the children who would never get to see their parents again. I prayed for the single parents who would have to put their children to bed that night by themselves. I prayed for the Mom's who were pregnant and who's husbands would not get to see their children and the miracle of birth.

I don't remember everything about that day because I was so overcome with emotion but I do remember thanking God for opening our eyes and bringing us together as One Nation Under God!!

Today my heart goes out to all the families who were affected by that horrible day!! I will continue to pray for all of you!!


theresa said...

Thanks for sharing Stace. I can only imagine your emotions doubled in all of this after just having a baby. It would 3 weeks later after 9/11 that I would find out I was pregnant!

Tammy said...

I can so relate in that I had a two year old and had just found out I was expecting again. I posted my memories yesterday, too.

Thank you for sharing yours. None of will ever forget what we were doing, will we? How what started as a mundane day would forever be remembered.

Heather Smith said...

Beautiful post. Like you, I remember the unity of that day and how we all as a nation called on God. Unfortunately many have seemed to forget Him again. This nation is in my prayers everyday. Especially for those who lost so much that day!

Shalee said...

Stacey, it was so surreal and astonishing, but as the reality of it all sank in, I was glad to see the gentleness that was evident to all.