Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A girl's night out

No, I'm not talking dessert or coffee with a girlfriend. I went to see Chonda Pierce in concert! What a gift God has given her to encourage women through laughter. She is just hilarious. It was so great to sit there with my Mom, sister, Grandma and sister-n-law and laugh, cry and then laugh until we cried.

She has so many good points that made me stop and think. The one that really hit was about the depression she had a couple years back. She said she basically just hit a wall and couldn't go on. It was easier for her to just stay in bed then to face her day. I've felt this way. I know what it's like to just want to stay in bed. I can't say I've ever actually done this but I've wanted to so many times in my life. It was great to hear her talk about it and share what took place in her life. God just gave her the strength to push on and keep going. It encouraged me to keep trusting God and to live each day for Him!!

When the concert was over and almost everyone had left we were still hanging around the front of the church. Chonda actually came out and started visiting with those standing around. She had no shoes on and was so relaxed. It was great to shake her hand and to know that she's just another lady like you and me! She thanked us for coming and told us she appreciated us. As we were walking to our car, I asked "Why didn't anyone get her autograph?" Duh!

Oh yeah, at least I didn't pee my pants like someone we all know... Gibee : )


GiBee said...

She was awesome, wasn't she? I totally related to the whole depression message!

And yes ...

My name is GiBee, and I'm a pant wetter...


Shalee said...

I wish I could have seen her when she was in town! She is hilarious.

I would not have wet my pants though. I would have worn Depends.