Monday, October 09, 2006

Conversations with God

Here's a conversation I had with Seth (2 yrs) the other day...

Seth: I wan nack mama.
Me: Seth, you need to say please.
Seth: Pease mama, I have nack now!
Me: I'm sorry Seth maybe in a little while.
Seth: No mama, I have nack now!!
Me: Not right now, maybe after lunch.
Seth (crying and throwing a fit): Pease mama, pease!

Well, this reminded me of another conversation...

Me: Lord can I have such and such?
God: Did you say please?
Me: Lord can I please have such and such?
God: Not right now, maybe later.
Me: But God I really need this now!
God: Wait, I will do it when I know it's best for you.
Me (crying and throwing a fit): Please Lord, please!

I wonder how many times God has gotten tired of hearing me fuss and whine about not getting what I wanted, when I wanted it. This really had me thinking. I want to be a child that doesn't argue when God says no. I want to wait and see His plan for my life!!


Tina said...

Great insight! I am often amazed at how much our relationship with our kids is very much like our relationship with God. Puts it into a different perspective!

Thanks for sharing that Great thought! :)

Tammy said...

So true!!! There are so many parallels...

(And I can relate with that scene over a snack at my house!)

Shalee said...

Now that's a good thought. I want the same thing too... now.

aggiejenn said...

Amen! We are like spoiled little children with Him so often, aren't we? Thanks for sharing this comparison.

Susie said...

So true...and just like a mom, His love never changes for His child! I'm so glad to be His child!!