Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen thoughts rolling around in my head...

1. How come I just realized that the show King of Queens means he's the King of Queens, NY?

2. Why didn't I remember how much you have to pee when you're first pregnant?

3. Would I turn my shirt inside out like those women on the Dove deodorant commercials?

4. I wonder if I'm having a girl this time?

5. I wonder how long Lauren with be on sabbatical?

6. I wonder how much I can spend at the candle party tonight : )

7. I wish my SIL wasn't leaving in April for the mission field

8. My hubby is soooo great! He just called an offered to pick up dinner so I don't have to worry about it tonight!

9. I really like the new Rachel Ray show. Glad T got me started on watching her : )

10. Man, Shalee must think I'm a flake! I've never called her back. Maybe tomorrow.

11. I wonder if I'll have to change the name of my blog in about 8 months?

12. I'm so glad HolyMama stabbed her nose and not her eye the other day!

13. I love having my Mom around the corner for anything I need!


BooMama said...

That first one? EXACTLY like something I would think. Sort of like when I looked at the Target logo and said, "oh, I get it, it's a TARGET."

That was just a couple of years ago, by the way. :-)

Shalee said...

Yeah, you're a flake. But you're pregnant, so I readily forgive you.

But please don't call tomorrow. I'll be in Dallas, and I'll not be paying any attention to my phone. I will be talking way too much to answer it!

Kate said...

SO how much did you spend at the candle party?!! Great list!

Kelley said...

#11 - I thought the very same thing when I saw your announcement about being pregnant and wanting a girl this time! Think PINK!

Susie said...

I especially like #13 because it works both ways! I love seeing you and the boys all the time (Jeff included)!