Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Seth has gotten into lately...

1. Sun screen ~ Oh yes he did and smeared it all over the front recliner

2. Blue marker ~ Yep, and colored his bed

3. Orange marker ~ Uh huh, and colored his closet doors

4. My Mascara ~ He did a great job on his face, twice in fact

5. Crayons ~ You guessed it, on the living room wall

6. Coffee ~ All over the kitchen floor

7. Shampoo ~ Playroom floor

8. Blush ~ He looked like a clown

9. Honey ~ Thank goodness I caught him in time, it was only on his hands

10. My Lipstick ~ Good thing it wasn't new

11. Bubble Bath ~ Luckily this one was in the tub

12. Dog Food ~ He did eat some of it because he had dog breath when I found him

And #13 the Icing on the cake... Just that, he got into a tub of frosting at my Mom's the morning and rubbed it all over the tile floor, hallway closet and tracked it onto the carpet in the playroom!!

Some of you might think that this has happened over the last two years that he's been alive... Nope, this has all happened in the last 7 days!! Please pray that I don't lose my sanity!!

I'll take any ideas that you've got to break him of this little problem : )

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Susie said...

It was pretty funny seeing chocolate frosting all over the floor! Little Seth is a handful but you can't resist that little smile. You'll just have to keep him occupied with acceptable activities. He's not to big to use a baby gate to keep him confined when necessary. Don't worry about the frosting...all's well that ends well...I have clean carpet again!

Shalee said...

Valium... for you.

Oh my, Stacey. I can't believe that you've had such a busy week! Well, wait. I remember your email. I take that back. I can imagine it.

Deep breaths and laughter. That's all I can recommend. Oh, and duct tape.

Kelley said...

Bless your heart, Stacey! It's so hard to be a mommy when they can be so naughty and so cute at the same time! Sometimes all you can do is laugh (to keep from crying)!

theresa said...

Like I said before, we have GOT to get Seth and Claire together! :)

My SIL keeps asking me this week, "Theresa, how do you keep up with Claire?" Guess there getting a dose of how my days go.

Your post made me think that watching TV hour after hour, that maybe it isn't that bad. :)

Qtpies7 said...

Well, I promise it could be worse! Two of my kiddos liked to play in poop! One spread it all over every single time she pooped for MONTHS on end! She still does it occasionally! I've had one super glue his eye OPEN, drink a bottle of windex (which just mimics the flu), meds, etc, and I keep things up HIGH.

But, as hard as it is, just remember that but for God's grace, you may never have had the opportunity to have your walls so beautifully decorated! Now that I'm an older mom, I appreciate the art work. It drove me nuts with the first round of kids, but after 7 years of no kids and fighting to be able to conceive, I think of those things as a blessing that I may never have been able to have in my life again.
Enjoy them! Really! Your carpet can be replaced, your walls can be painted, things can be rebought. There are so many mommy's out there with empty arms that long for those messes, we are truely blessed with not only children, but children who are healthy and curious!

God bless,

Sherry said...

I just have to say it was a nice air freshener!! Oh ya Antie Sherry got to give him the bath had to drain the tub 2 or 3 times. And just to let you know that frosting is grease....I guess we should have taken a picture. Well Stac I dont know what to tell you...I guess you will have plenty of nolige to help me out when I have kids.

Aunt Julie said...

Oh, Stacey, I love it!!!!
God Bless you, but I love the comments from "qtpies7" ... guess it really could be worse!!!!!
Love you and am thrilled for you to have such wonderful stories & laughter .... kind of reminds me of stories with Jodi, but not nearly as intertaining ..... she'll hate me for that one ..... Love you Jod's.

aggiejenn said...

Wow! I guess our time is coming...our little one just turned one and is starting to find things!

HolyMama! said...

oh no. i remember this phase. i think it's coming to our house soon. bracing....