Monday, February 05, 2007

A 2 year old's job

Most kids that are two probably don't have a job but mine does. In fact, he has four jobs. At some point each day he comes in with a hat on, keys in his hand and says goodbye. When I ask where he's going he says "I go work, Mama." When I ask where he works he has one of four answers...

1. "I work at Wa-mat."
2. "I work at Ta-get."
3. "I work at Hone Depot."
4. "I work at the Mail." (I think he delivers mail these days)

So then I ask how much they pay him and he replies "Two."
Next I ask him how he gets to work and he says "I dive my tuck yike Papa."
Then I ask him what color the truck is and he says "It buuuu Mama."
He then says "Hab a good day. I see you atter work."

It's pretty cute and I enjoy the fact that he using his imagination. Someday he will probably dread going to work and I will remind him of this age and all the fun jobs he had!


Shalee said...

That is too cute.

By the way, it totally shows where your shopping loyaties lie. Next he'll be saying "I work at Babies-

Tina said...

I love hearing him of my favorites is still when he said...
Oh my target!
He should be the spokesbaby for there or something! :)