Sunday, February 25, 2007

Feeling violated at my own house

I feel I like I just can't keep up with this blog but I'm trying to post when I can...

Yesterday morning we went out to get in our van and I realized something wasn't right. I asked my husband if he had gotten into the van that morning or the night before for anything. He said he hadn't been in there for a couple days. Someone had come up on our driveway, opened our van, and looked through all our private stuff in the glove box!

We can't remember for sure but we think there was a bank receipt from my earlier trip to the bank. They also saw and possibly took car insurance info. Plus, we had $25 worth of IMAX tickets in there! I'm so thankful we didn't have a garage remote in there!

Right away it makes you feel dirty and violated. I hate that! We contacted the local police department, our bank and insurance company just to be sure.

We're praying that nothing will come of it and that God will deal with this person in His timing.

Plus, from now on... that van will remained locked at all times!!


Tina said...

That is not a good feeling!

Good idea to keep it locked...just make sure you have the keys for it on the outside of the van! :)

theresa said...

Oh Stacey, I'm so sorry. Good thing there wasn't lots of hard cold cash or anything else too important.

Glad y'all are okay...and that your bank account stays clear.

Aunt Julie said...

Wow! That's tough! We will be praying nothing comes of all this and that God'll bring you peace . . .

Qtpies7 said...

We had that happen to us, this year. We are actually glad we left the doors unlocked, though. Someone was going through the alley going through cars. They broke our neighbors' car window to get in! They were in our car and our dog alerted us, so we were spared any theft. If the doors had been locked, we'd have broken windows to deal with.
You can read about it in my archives under "Our Hero."