Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Baby Update

I thought I would update everyone on my progress. I saw the doctor yesterday and she said the baby and I are both doing great! His little heart beat is very strong, in the 160's. She's said "that's one hyper little boy!" Not what I wanted to hear : )

I have been experiencing braxton hicks which she said is fine but wants me to keep a close eye on. At the end of April I'll be at 31 weeks which is when most women start visiting every two weeks but she's going to have me come in every week. She wants to watch me closely since I delivered the other boys early.

I asked about my weight gain and she said I've gained a whopping 3.6 pounds the whole pregnancy! I don't mind that at all. I know the next couple months are when I'll probably gain more since that's when the baby will really start adding weight! I guess it pays to get really sick with morning sickness in the beginning and loose some of those already unwanted pounds!

I'm getting very excited and have started doing a few things in the baby room. Can't wait to start painting and getting the crib set-up! I'll have to post pictures when I'm done.

I think for some reason I'm already nesting because I have been organizing and cleaning all week long!! I can't help myself!!


Shalee said...

When I was prego with my son, I lost 10 lbs on the front end, but I gained 26 by the end of the pregnancy. I loved being only 16 lbs above my "normal" weight by the time he was born.

Go nest. You may be too tired to do it later!

Kelley said...

Thanks, Stacey... I appreciate your prayers for my family right now. We were so blessed to have my mom in our lives... and we're blessed to have each other, as family and friends to help us deal with the pain of missing her.

Glad to hear your little one is happy and healthy.

theresa said...

Oh, how exciting! I'so sad I won't be here now for the big day...you must post pics quickly!

BTW - I won $150 in Vegas...not too bad for a $20 gambler! :)