Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Taste Buds

Last week I picked Josh up from school and he asked me what taste buds were and why we even have them. I explained and I guess he liked my answer because he then added this...

"Did you know your eyes have look buds?"

"Did you know your ears have hear buds?"

"Did you know your mouth has talk buds?"

"Did you know your hands have touch buds?"

"Did you know your nose has smell buds?"

I was just cracking up laughing by the end of his little explanation... He's a nut!!


aunt julie said...

He's such a CRACK-UP!!! U need to send some of these into RD and make some xta cash :0)

Tina said...

I tried to comment earlier but it wouldn't let me...OOPS!

Maybe he knows something the rest of us have yet to discover! :)

Hey...check out my blog anyone else who might read is Stacey's birthday and I talked about her! :)