Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Get your freak on : )

Okay, so Addie has tagged me for the super freaky "meme" today. I've been asked to post weird and freaky things all about me. Anyway, here goes...

1. When I turn up the volume on the TV or stop the microwave, I have to stop it on a even number.

2. When I sleep at night I keep my mouth shut and my jaw clenched because I'm afraid bugs will crawl in my mouth as I sleep. It really does happen people!!

3. As soon as it starts getting dark outside I go through and close the blinds. It doesn't matte whose house I'm in either. I'm afraid of people watching me!!

4. I am so afraid of people getting their hands shut in car doors that I constantly tell the kids to stand back while I close up the van. I think this one goes back to childhood when my sister accidentally closed the car door on my finger.

5. My stomach makes funny noises all the time. It's actually gotten worse since my gallbladder surgery three weeks ago. My family and friends have come to expect it.

6. I can't walk into a crowd without basically having a panic attack. Even walking into church after it starts is a big deal for me!!

7. I'm a night and morning person. I just love to stay up late and watch TV, read or do stuff on the computer. I also love getting up in the mornings and getting ready for the day!! This really bothers some people : )

8. Lately I've noticed my boobs getting a little smaller and my feet getting a little bigger. Not sure what the deal is on that one??

New addition...
9. I walk and talk in my sleep. I've been known to get up and try to leave the house. One time my Mom walked in and I was pushing the covers to the end of my bed and I told her I was pushing the plane. Another time I walked into the bathroom and started undressing at 2 in the morning to get my shower and go to work. Once I woke my husband up when using my remote control as a barcode scanner after a stressful day at work. It's pretty weird!!

So now it's my turn to tag a couple of friends. So Tina, Sherry and Mary it's your turn now!!


theresa said...

I can relate with you on number 1, but unfortunately for number 8 I'm having the opposite effect. This is where all my weight gain goes! Ugh, utter nightmare!

owlhaven said...

Fun list! I just did this one a few days ago Weird things about Owalhaven

Addie said...

I Love that you do that for number 1! That is too funny!

I would LOVE to be a Night and Morning person! Lucky You!!!

You sound so much like me in the sleep walking department. I woke my mom up shaking her one time. When she said what's wrong? I said "You can't take a joke can you." I have no memory of that. Once, Ben found me in the closet trying to make photocopies because we were in the middle of a stressful project at work. :)

HolyMama! said...

whoah! i think you're smart about the mouth shut thing. i once woke up because a small spider was WALKING across my mouth. Very smart of you.

Lauren said...

Okay, 7 does bother me but just so you know, 8 is normal. I know, it's sad!

Sherry said...

You forgot to add the one when I was staying the night at your house not long after you and Jeff got married.... You were trying to tell me that Jeff was yelling at you and throwing cans of corn. O.K. So that was wierd because that is so not like Jeff. I have to stick up for the guy once in a while. LOL!!